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“Hanoi’s scheming,”

Posted By: SLK <“Hanoi’s scheming,”> (
Date: Monday, 7 October 2002, at 5:49 p.m.

“Hanoi’s scheming,” Simon Ross’s clearer message to Khmer children and the world.

When Simon Ross was in Cambodia during “Second Indochinese War” from 1970-75, who knows too much about Hanoi’s scheming in Cambodia and Lao. Even when he farts, the word of Hanoi always comes out through his rectums too. He’s an Australian expert on Cambodian history, who writes a Subjugation of Cambodia:
P.Intro (Vii):

History is only the personal interpretation of whoever happens to be telling the story. In contradiction to the expressed view on Cambodia held by many journalists, broadcasters and academics, this volume assails Hanoi’s actions in Indochina.

They accused the Americans of imperialism in Indochina, but now apologise for Hanoi’s stark colonisation of Laos and Cambodia.

From late 1975 I attempted to warn that Khmer Rouge were conducting genocide and that a Vietnamese move into Cambodia was inevitable. But my articles and arguments were rejected by editors. (How many groups of Khmer Rouge were there in those days? Khmer Rouge was pro-Hanoi and Khmer Rouge was also pro-China.
It was all so easily predictable: the subsequent Hanoi invasion, the installation of a puppet Khmer regime, the deliberate Vietnamese attempt to starve the Cambodian people into extinction, the introduction of tens of thousands of Vietnamese settlers into Cambodia as initial preparation for incorporating that country into an adjunct of Vietnam, and the prime role of Soviet Union as an accomplice of Hanoi in all this.

A friend in Phnom Penh had been adamant: “You will see. North Vietnam made our war because they want Cambodians to kill Cambodians. Then when there are no more of us left, they will come and take our country.”

And when I asked others what they foresaw, the invariable reply was “After the Khmer Rouge will come the Vietnamese”.

The people of Phnom Penh were broodingly certain Hanoi’s would eventually move to conquer Cambodia, either using the Khmer Rouge as pawns or else extermination them.

Bearing this theory in mind, I followed intently all developments in the years after 1975 and, relating apparently insignificant remarks and moves by Hanoi and Moscow to the context of my friends’ convection, it became apparent they were right. Hanoi was indeed hell-bent on eventually subjugating Cambodia.

Quite true. The Cambodian people had lost everything: their freedom, their families, their houses, their land, their possessions, their religion, their culture, their tradition peasant ways. Nearly on third had also lost their lives.

All former Lon Nol soldiers were killed; public servants, doctors, nurses, teachers, students and all other professions also exterminated. Cambodia had 60,000 Buddhists bonzes in her population of just seven million. All monks were derobed, many of them killed.

By mid-1976 it was apparent that the “nation” Laos functioned merely as a province of Vietnam and was totally dominated by Hanoi.

The Pathet Lao had believed they were fighting to free Laos from foreign interference (French and American) but now found they had fought and suffered only to see control of their country pass to Hanoi. They could now see they had been betrayed. But Hanoi had placed an occupation army of 40, 000 to quell any Laotian dissent.

“Yes, North Vietnamese liberated us”, said one Lao refugee in Thailand. “They liberated us of our crops, of our beasts, of our prettiest girls and even of our country.

Clearly, the same scenario had been planned for Cambodia, but the frantic nationalism of the Khmer Rouge was blocking Hanoi. Aha! Pol Pot was completely destroying Hanoi’s schemes on time.

In (Norodom Sihanouk with William Shawcross)his book (War&Hope), Khieu Samphan gave a real clear message to the world:

P.11:-Vietnamese aggressions with the intention of destroying the Khmer Rouge's best units. Khieu Samphan and his comrades explained to me (then-prince Sihanouk), regarding this, that the North Vietnamese desperately wanted to nip Khmer Rouge power in the bud so as to prepare for coming to power (after a foreseeable victory over the U.S. and Lon Nol) of a government that would be Cambodian in appearance only and in reality Vietnam's servant.

Sideshow on Page 285 by William Shawcross: Nixon evidently believed in 1973 ( and still in 1978) that the Khmer Rouge were controlled by Hanoi and were anemable to Moscow.

The Vietnamese were aware of the Pol Pot genocide yet made absolutely no attempt to inform the outside world of it. They remained silent, hopefully they could plot an internal coup by the surviving Hanoi-Khmers to topple Pol Pot and thus put themselves in power. Failing that, they would have to invade to seize control of Cambodia.

Either way, the last thing Hanoi wanted was an international outcry over the Khmer Rouge atrocities, because world uproar might have led to United Nations military intervention in Cambodia, which would have foiled Hanoi’s plan for future conquest.

Talks between Hanoi and Democratic Kampuchea had been fruitless throughout all of 1975 and 1976, Pol Pot claiming from the start that Hanoi’s sole aim was to annex Cambodia into an Indochinese Confederation.

Throughout 1978 Russian ships brought military and logistic supplies into Vietnam in preparation for the invasion. Hanoi began describing that country as Hell on Earth-something she had known since mi-1975 but kept discreetly silent about.

Vietnam had massed 120,000 troops along Cambodia’s border by Christmas 1978. On January 2 1979, their armoured assault began with heavy air support. The “kampuchean United Front” army tagged along, doing no fighting while North Vietnam tanks roared unopposed down the main highways all the way across Cambodia to the Thai border.

Hanoi won the war but is rapidly losing the peace. The current economic situation of Vietnam is chronic. Inflation is doubling prices. Hanoi has printed a large amount of unbacked currency; Vietnamese has just enough foreign currency to buy but one week of imports; she can not pay any interest on any foreign debt to non-communist countries.
On the back:
The nation bearing responsibility for the Cambodian tragedy is not the United States but North Vietnam. For centuries Vietnam has coveted the fertile rice basin of Cambodia; for decades the Vietnamese Communist Party plotted to subjugate Cambodia and Laos into an Indo-China Federation dominated by Hanoi.

Since January 1979, Cambodian escapees have told that the Vietnamese ‘liberators’ of Cambodia are little better: that Hanoi inducted the famine of 1979-80; that Hanoi is swamping Cambodia with Vietnamese immigrants settlers; that Hanoi will eventually absorb Cambodia entirely. Again, though, the desperate words of the Khmer people go unheeded.

By Martin Wright
Cambodia Matter of survival
A number of new Vietnamese settlers have returned following the installation of the pro-Vietnam People’s Republic of Kampuchea (PRK) regime in 1979. The exact size of the new Vietnamese community is disputed, and some commentators have accused Hanoi of charging out a policy of “Vietnamization” in Cambodia.

Please pro-Hanoi/Vietminh/Vietcong, Leninists, Stalists and all communists, totalitarianism, expansionism and hegemonism stop hiding the true facts and chains of events that you are trying to bury in the ground anymore. You should go to temple and confess all crimes you’ve committed, and let a high priest shave your hair to be a monk. Buddha will pardon you, it’s not too late for you yet. If not, bad karma will haunt you for the rest of your life. You will surely be punished any crimes you’ve against Khmers in the near future, you trust in God/Buddha. SLK

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