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Who was Angkar Leu from 1973-79?(Beginning3)

Posted By: SLK < was Angkar Leu from 1973-79?(Beginning3)> (
Date: Monday, 26 August 2002, at 5:41 p.m.

All of these phrase as above, which Vietminh have used in Cambodia to exterminate Cambodians, and have ruled Cambodia as their own country, but at the end of this 20th century, which has UN and international organizations, help a weak country like Cambodia so that the powerful countries cannot swallow up a weak one at their will. As one good example in Russia, whose country is so powerful, but…collapsed! All Vietnamese leaders have exercised all their political sways to uproot Cambodian culture root and traditional religion-especially Buddhist monks. Many Cambodian Victims like Kampuchea Krom people living in overseas realized that the Vietnamese leaders of the twentieth century retained the same base desire to annex Cambodia, as had their forbears. Having just destroyed the French army in the superb communist military victory at Dien Bien Phu and now free of the yokes of foreign colonialists, Hanoi now set in motion her own evil secret plans to impose her own aggressive conquest upon all Indochina. It would take a long and bloody 25 years, but through single-minded and tenacious grit, greed and constant deceit, Hanoi would eventually extend her domain over three nations. Hanoi has perfectly sealed off her secret-pogrom plans so far so good in the eyes of the world.

When the “Le-Be-Mac” was finished, Vietminh then held a secret meeting at once to change those candidates’ names. At that time, Pham Van Suu came to the meeting too. He stood up to call Miss…as Ba Tien an angel…whereas Miss…as normal (My real name is that I’d like not to mention about). Ba is grandmother in Vietnamese, whereas Tien is also in Vietnamese name is Yiey Tien. For example, Saloth Sar, in 1953, joined to serve the Indochinese Communist Party immediately …Son Ngoc Minh (called Achar Mien) gave him-pseudonym Pol Pot instead.

At night, on 28 February 1948, Vietminh organized a great party for 29 candidates. Eating meal as we were discussing in order to keep that party going on. At that time, a Vietnamese Pham Van Suu, who was 25 years old, was an teacher of that school too, started to question in order to enlighten particular plans…Ieng asked Ta Thien that Bac Ho formed Indochinese Communist Party, “how could we solve the problems between Kampuchea and Laos? Because these two countries are the kingdoms”. Ta Thien stood up with a great smile and mention about Bac Ho’s formulated future plans…But it’s the most secret, which I have to explain to you, “Who would be the last-ditched new leaders of Indochina,” the two kingdoms Bac Ho was secretly well planned. Bac Ho already has sent secret Bo Doi into the bases in the jungles and forests since 1945, by taking pretext that we are volunteer soldiers to drive the French out of Indo-China…Taking a great opportunity, our Bo Doi could learn and know every angle, the jungle, mountains and many other geographies of the two kingdoms. Learning the psychological, traditional behaviors and the weakness of the Cambodian people who are in a very isolated forest region inhibited by members of a tribe that have been somehow forgotten in Cambodia’s march towards modernization, especially the bandits and mountaineers and so on. Sometimes our secret agents/spies tried patiently to teach Kaul Chomhor to those victims who had been long exploited by Cambodia monarch and mandarins, leaving them sullen, weary and injustices. Our psychological agents had to incite, illustrate and comment about the doctrine of purely, cleanly, just Indochinese Communist Party, tried to find freedom for them who are the masters of their country…and so on.

Whereas, in the city where Bac Ho has sent a wave of well-educated agents such as: “Doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs to hide themselves among the townspeople and the peasants in Cambodia as car-repairers, bike-repairers, fishmongers, fruitsellers and many other professional secret agents and …etc. they had all to learn to see the weakness of every Cambodian political parties and milieu…What are the Cambodian-officers and mandarins doing these days? We had to step our feet carefully, when we had a good opportunity, we would stand up at once to defeat them, acting accordingly with their weakness. We had to know to cover up our secrecy. Now our Met/Comrades reported every three month-nothing to be worried. Our number-one enemy was the French who were the strongest foes, had enough weapons, but we were still able to destroy them every time as we could. Our Party always has high hopes. Our Party would be able to take a victory one day. But we-Khmer-Laotian (words-Khmer and Laotian herein, which were newly made up by Yuon, not Khmer-Lao who were the master of their country) had to be united, putting arm round one’s shoulder tightly when the French were defeated, who had to retreat from Indochina. Lao-Khmer we had to incorporate them into an Indochinese Communist Party-needed not to waste a bullet or a soldier. We had to form New Khmer and Lao instead of the old ones. We had to use the psychological weapons because if Our Party made war against the Khmers, by using weapons and forces, we could not defeat them. Because Khmers are, in fact, gentle but if we fought with them in a battlefield. Khmers are tenacious and tolerable in a hard time and in the hot weather and rainy season. Therefore, Our Party had to use tactful tricks how to incite, divide, flatter and deceive them according to their weakness, and then we could take wondrous victory in our hands…Etc. At that time, Ieng exclaimed, “It sounds too easy!” Ta Thien continued his comments in an ignored manner: “Cambodian people Our Party acknowledged a baby-rabbit like which always fell asleep like a log-not knowing the war. As for the leaders of Cambodia we sent our secret agents/spies to have hidden patiently under the armpits, trying to learn their weakness and then we tried to instigate them into rebellion, by borrowing their hands to kill each other one by one, and step by step. If the longer the war between Cambodia and Vietnam continued the far better for us. Subsequently, Our Party tried patiently to recruit Khmer boys and girls who were sent to be trained in Peking as the future-cadre/leader of New Cambodia…Etc.

I am optimist that Hanoi was indeed hell-bent over eventually subjugating Cambodia. That was why during the war that in Cambodia from 1970 to 1975, North Vietnam made our war because they wanted Cambodians to kill Cambodians. Then, when there were no many of us left in the country, they would come and took our country as they did from 1979 until now. Cambodian educated men and many historians were broodingly certain Hanoi would eventually move to conquer Cambodia, either using the Khmer Rouge as pawns or else exterminating them all, as they did it from 1975 to 1979, and so far. Look at Lao! There were Laotian nationalists who could resist against the Vietnam. By now Hanoi has established a very firm grip on them. In Laos, the 1973 Peace accord had ended its ten years civil war (the world was misled that the war burning in Laos was the civil war. Hanoi’s still covered up tactfully her secret-evil plans for expanding control in both Laos and Khmer. The world was still misled that the Vietnamese are helpers of Cambodians and Laotians whose countries would be erased on the Maps of the World in the near future, as the Vietnamese forebears promised to annex Indochina as the Federal states-such as Laos, Khmer Kandal and Kampuchea Krom (South Vietnam), leading to the establishment of a coalition government in April 1974. The truce wasn’t last long-about one year until in 1975, the communist Pathet Lao backed by the VC/NVA violated the cease-fire by attacking government positions 180 km north of Vientiane. Hanoi Leaders have behaved deplorably who are the world’s worst violators of human right. They use tactfully their phrase: “Fight-Fight, Talk-Talk”. That is a way of tricking the President Nixon and Prince Sihanouk.

Ta Thien was speaking as he was staring at Neang Tien and five other Khmer youths that were the first candidates…with a great smile and cheer. He mentioned that Our Party had to contact Thailand secretly. We’d like Thai government to keep the secret-not to be involved with Cambodian Yuon problems at all. Bac Ho had promised, when Yuon formed an Indochinese Communist Party was succeeded once and for all, Yuon would be grateful to Thailand was our Party would concede some Khmer provinces to Siam, which were controlled by Siamese some years ago.

29 of us, who were sitting with an open mouth listening stupidly, with the chopsticks on the dishes like a baby-rabbit which has just opened their eyes, know nothing what Ta Thien mentioned, and the word “Peking” was heard from then on. Neang Tien could not believe that Ta Thien said to have sent Bo Doi to fulfil their mission in Cambodia. At first, “Special Ad Hoc Committee” selected boys and girls who were sent to Peking instead of Cambodia, by changing their secret plans. Comrade-Le Thi Sung asked Ta Thien alarmingly, “Didn’t Cambodian and Laotian people have a hand to resist against Our Party?”

Ta Thien ignored, by scorning the Khmer and Laotian people, answering that there would be nothing to be hard. But Our Party have to spend more times, because Khmer and Laotian people who are zealous Buddhists. As the people always are grateful to anyone who’s done them a lot of favors, as the kind and frank, honest people are quick believers who trust in [someone] who’s done them a great favor. Therefore, we have to train our spies how to be patient; how to try to gain favor or get in someone’s good graces; how to surrender themselves to the enemy…Etc. We have to use all the political sways to make them (Cambodian-Laotian) dash their hopes, and then we make them have high hopes again!” but anyone, who was a stubborn, could be very dangerous to Our Party, we had to kill them at once, without delay! The time was running short; Yuon Ieng asked the last question, “Does Our Party has to lose many Bo Dois as well as the properties?”

“Cambodia and Lao, whose people and properties would be well-kept in tact-nothing to be destroyed. The two people, are 90% by respecting their kings and Buddhist religions, whose regimes we could not overthrow, and then annexing their countries into an Indochinese Communist Party which is the enemy of their kings and their Buddhist religions! Its’ ridiculous, it would not be too easy to do that!

A chairman Nguyen Van Thien as a teacher educating those candidates, within Our Party, they know to use the stable-minded and find an excuse to further explain he responded that where there is a revolution, there is a progress. Our Bo Dois, who are the survivors, had perfect experiences, techniques of war…Our Party had to recruit more Bo Dois. Brothers had to train their little brothers from their experiences. About the psychology, our comrades had learned for so many years; we could know the behaviors of every Khmer political party and milieu. We could extract a lesson to train our spies more and more…Etc. we would lose one thing, [but] we could find five things was that when we took a wonderful victory over Cambodia and Laos which were incorporated into a Indochinese Communist Party was successful! The properties of the two countries, which would belong to Our Party. Do not think about that yet! Let them keep it for a while and so on!

Before the meeting ended, Yuon, whose name Ieng, reminded those 29 candidates that Our Party prohibited to get free married, when all comrades had finished your studies had to come home. Cambodian and Laotian had to get married with Vietnamese. “We all raise our hands to make an loyal oath,” At the end of that meeting, a chairman Ta Thien pointed his fingers to Neang Tien to get up and show a piece of paper to be read to those candidates who had to repeat after her. “ we promise to keep these secrecies to the end of our lives.” Then Ieng warned to all comrades who knew these secret plans, “if one of you are double-crossed to escape from the communication lines. Our Party had to search for you who had to be killed on the spot!”

On the morning of March 1 1948, Neang Tien asked for permission from Ad Hoc Committee and friends to take a trip on feet to Phum Chang Prey, Khum Pheouk Heung, to say good bye to her parents, uncles-aunts and brothers-sisters and man other relatives of her that she was going to Peking on 3 March 1948, to study political stratagem, which had to be learned by heart that she dares not to tell anyone! When the time came to say goodbye, her parents and her brothers and sisters embraced her warmly crying (Neang Tien was at the age of 20 years old in those days). Miss Tien respected and loved her father very much was because of her father who was a very patient man to struggle so that she was well educated. In those days, almost Kampuchea Krom daughters were not allowed to learn anything. She remembers that she was the fourth daughter of Ta Kim Vanna who was a layman arranged a ceremony in Prateaksen Nikroot temple. He always carried his fourth daughter to temple every holy day. At the age of 6-7, Neang Tien learned very well about Dharma-the only ultimate reality, the ultimate real end (in Buddhist theory); right, virtue, the order of things (by extension: the order, the law in Buddhist doctrine); moral principles; nature; duty; piety. In first day, she saw the boys reading a textbook (which is made of Latania leaves which in the past hundred years the authors/writers have written in the folk legend). Chau Banana Seath which she listened very carefully (Chau means “grandchild”; Srateup Chek means “Banana Seath”, which is very famous among other Cambodian folk legends).

When she was about to be separated from her parents, she remembers bitterly that she felt sympathy for her father very much because he wanted her to be educated until she was going to be separated from them-hope not to see them again. Despairingly, she embraced him in tears. Then words failed Ta Kim Vanna, who was worried, nearly lost his mind, by speaking very little but the meaning was so important, and then answered ignorantly, “Don’t worry too much, Ah Tien when you finished your studies, you still had to come and meet me!” Miss Tien then felt very sorry for her father, screaming and forgetting the secret words of a chairman Ta Thien, failing to hold her tongue exclaiming “Oh, father! When finishing my studies, I could not see all of you; especially I had to get married with Yuon. Mr Kieng In, who was my arranged fiancé, I supposed that is the end!” Having heard the word marrying with Yuon soon after like a bullet shot right into the head of everyone. Parents, brothers-sisters and many other relatives of hers, who were in unrest, closing their hands and gritting their teeth angrily toward the Vietminh’s unreasonable orders, were issued. Therefore, Ta Vanna’s families made up their mind at once to send Neang Tien away from the liberated zone to take an adventure to Krang Ta-vinh, where there were pro-French. At about 21 p.m., her second brother then was walking her across a vast plain to Ba Trach village to meet girl-Meung. He gave his sister to Meung and then he returned to his Chang Prey village at once.

At about 24 p.m., Meung walked Neang Tien through Ba Trach temple and then through a small plain-the east of Wat to Pnoo Ompoong village and then she gave Neang Tien to Ta Chieh and Yiey keum, two of whom helped Neang Tien continuing her trip to Om Bok Bey. At 2 a.m., Yiey-Ta, who were very kind, directing Neang Tien through a vast plain, even though they were very fatigue, they didn’t even stop for a rest. Reaching Om Bok Bey at 4 a.m., just as the villagers were about to leave carrying the poultry, fishes, rice in a big bag and vegetables selling to French partisans who were in Kompong Khteoung. Ta-Chieh and Yiey Keum embraced Neang Tien in order to say farewell and then they returned to their village in tears and sympathized for this poor girl. Neang Tien had wandered around after the sellers to the Kompong Khteoung Post. Upon her lonely trip, she was safe enough, then she crying as walking, to remember to have a pity respectful Ta-Chieh and Yiey Keum with all her heart when they left her. By chance, Neang Tien was stunned-no word to say was the only tears that was that signal I had suffered so painful in my heart.

At about 9, on March 2 1948, Neang Tien had to present herself to Chef De convoy in order to ask for a lift to the Travinh province. That Chef De convoi was a Vietnamese when he saw her, he starred at her widely for a while. All of a sudden, he opened a book from one page to the other one; he saw only the pictures of Neang Tien. A few moments later, he asked her, “Would you like to go to the Travinh province?” Neang Tien replied “Yes, I do.” That Yuon signed on a ticket with a free charge, which he handed to Neang Tien, by saying “I have to meet you at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning at the terminal bus.” At that night, Neang Tien had to sleep on the ground which she had nothing to cover her body, like many other travelers. She just knew that night only one convoi running once a week. She was so happy for she came just in time the convoi for going tomorrow (in those days, Vietminh came up to kill the townspeople every night).

Early morning of 3 March 1948, there were 50 convoys along the road to Travinh province. Neang Tien was rushed to find convoi to get in. Chef De Convoi came and met her and then he showed her to the convoi who she was on. Miss Tien had a comfortable place, had a good feeling to thank to this mysterious and kind Yuon very much. The convoi had arrived in Travinh at about 6pm, Neang Tien was too excited about her safe trip. She got off quickly, walking about five steps, all of a sudden a Vietnamese man in police uniform, who was about 27 years of age, held her hand and then he was walking her to a jeep parking nearby. And then, he ordered her to get in on the passenger’s back seat with a police pointing a gun at her. That jeep drove off along the bank of a river then they turned off to give her up to that office. Neang Tien was relieved as cotton, for instance like a boat sunk in the river, being worried, nearly falls down in a faint. Suddenly having heard speaking in Khmer: “ I could not believe at all that there was a Khmer girl as a leader of Vietminh!” Neang Tien opened her eyes widely to look around to that voice, she saw a man, about 34, was a strong built, tall, curly hair and long face, keen eyes, a very sharp-pointed nose and sambao Khmer (=color).

Neang Tien then embraced that stranger and moaned “Brother Ba!” Three of whom very surprised to have seen such a strange manner. Kampuchea Krom boys and girls from over 15, in those days, would not be allowed to hug together, had a very strict discipline, even speaking would not be allowed in a secret place. After having heard Neang Tien called “Brother Ba”, only then they knew it was Ngan Thi Ba (Thi= girl so Ngan Thi Ba was a girl). Ngan Thi Ba was a half-boy and half-girl, who started wearing dress like a girl, when she was small, had lived and played sport. Since 1940, Neang Tien came to study in the town of Ta-Vinh, had meal, slept on bed, and living in house with Ngan Thi Ba in this Mray Village. In 1946, the Department of educational sent Neang Tien as a teacher in Srok Ta-Vinh, since then we had never seen each other again but we had met this time by chance.

Neang Tien held Ngan Thi Ba’s hand tightly, crying as asking, “Ba, what are you doing today?” Ba answered, “I was a Sergeant Chef as an Interpreter in Phum Mray Post.” When Neang Tien heard he was a sergeant chef, she released his hand, stood gaping and thinking about herself “Ah, what a stupid fool I am here!” Hugging a man in an open-space in front of her uncle and chief was to lose all women’s rules. She was quite embarrassed, went to embrace her uncle instead, by crying and asking for forgiveness that she be badly behaved. Thach Ty Hung held his niece’s hand and Ngan Thi Ba’s left hand and then he said: “That was good that we could tackle the problem for Miss Tien easily. Miss Tien just has hugged Ngan Thi Ba a moment ago-that wasn’t a serious crime. Now I must decide immediately is at dusk-no one can see us. Ah Tien has to sleep in the Post but at dawn Ngan Thi Ba has to send Ah Tien immediately out of the Post to Thom Pao Seth’s house before the villagers get up. What do you-Ngan Thi Ba think of my view?” Then Ngan Thi Ba embraced Thach Ty Hung lovingly and cheerfully to say: “I am willing to support Ah Tien all the ways as I possibly can.”

In May 1948, Mr Pan Lao had appointed Neang Tien as a teacher again teaching Kampuchea Krom students in French+Khmer at Ecole Primaire Complementaire Franco Indochina Mixte Chef Lieu De Tra-vinh. As for Vietminh were very angry, should not make such a mistake. They were very frustrated toward a person, who they trusted to tell about the Party’s secret plans, was double-crossed, and ran away from the Party’s communication lines. So they tried to search and kill a traitor of the Party as an example if he/she was caught. Since Miss Tien had escaped from the liberated zone, her parents did not have enough time to cultivate rice in a field at all because Vietminh always invited Ta-Yiey to stand and watch when Vietminh started to kill a Kampuchea Krom innocence man who was accused of being the traitor. Sometimes, the killings were held in a football field nearby the house, and sometimes the killings held in a remote area-two days and two nights’ long walk. After finished the killings, Vietminh always threatened Tien’s parents to death that if Ta and Yiey could find abdication bring Tien back to Chieu Khu in a short time, you would be pardoned. But be careful, if the Department of Intelligence caught her, Our Party would kill her so that every body can watch as an example. The word “threatening” was seen by the public eyes very often, cutting a human head left virtually on the victims’ shoulder. Ta-Yiey were extremely frightened, who had asked a Buddhist monk whose name Lam Reoung (Lam Reoung is in USA now) to take two letters to Mr Thach Ty Hung. In the first letter telling their daughter: “You-daughter have to run away quickly to Kampuchea Kandal”. The second ones was handed to Mr Thach Ty Hung, with Kieng In’s address, was an arranged fiancé of their daughter. After receiving a letter, Thach Ty Hung sent a telegram to Kieng In by telling that Ah Tien whom just has escaped from the Vietminh. Four days later, Surete Federal in Prey Nokor sent a telegram back to Thach Ty Hung. Kieng In volunteered to change his position to Battambang Surete Federal in Kampuchea. Thach Ty Hung sent more telegrams to him on April 5 1948 was the right time Kieng In was sitting, having marriage ceremony with Vietnamese girl-Huu Kim Dong at Ho Thach’s house the north of Wat in Sangkat Battambang.

Kieng In, one of the Kampuchea Krom sons, had no heart to get married with Vietnamese girl at all, who didn’t have any intention to abandon Miss Tien as his Kampuchea Krom arranged fiancée! The reason in 1947, Miss Tien was arrested by Vietminh, while Kieng In was working in Prey Nokor. He asked for a permission to go to the Travinh province to find Miss Tien. He had been waiting for ages to get news from her but in vain. At last, he met Mr Kim Cheak who fled to Travinh, just shook his head to Kieng In to be confirmed: “In, no hope at all because the civil servants who escaped from the Post with me to Travinh, only except one French Chef de Poste, besides that all of whom were killed on spot by Vietminh. As for Ah Tien was seen to get her caught at the right head of the first bridge”. Therefore, Kieng In was in despair had to go back to Surete Federal in Prey Nokor. The French government needed a person who could speak three languages-Khmer- Yuon and French to work in Surete federal at Battambang. He was a volunteer to go Kampuchea happily.

On April 5 1948, while he was getting married with a Vietnamese girl, soon after he had a telegram: “Ah Tien, who was your arranged fiancée, was still alive, went back to Travinh.” Kieng In was so worried and moaned, “Oh, my Buddha! It was too late, what can I do, then?” After three months of his wedding, he had received a first letter of his arranged fiancée, which was written by Miss Tien’s own hand to him. In those days, no girl dare write a letter to her fiancé at all. In that letter was to tell about her hardship for more than 19 months. Today, I have no hope at all. Because if I made a terrible mistake, Vietminh would arrest and kill me in agony…etc. when he finished reading that letter, he was so frustrated and eager to ask for a permission to take a trip immediately to Tra-vinh. Before he left for Travinh, had asked French man to help hire a small room for Miss Tien to stay for the present.

On July 17 1948, at about 12 Mr Kieng In had arrived in Thom Pao-Seth’s house in the Mray Village, in the north of Krang Travinh. That day, Miss Tien was engaged to contribute the awards to Cambodian students during the school’s holiday. 13 P.M., when she got home, walking through the sitting room to her bedroom. All of a sudden, she was so shaky like someone being afraid of a ghost haunting, because seeing a big built, tall man like Tarzan, who was so black, had straight hair, round face, wearing a soldier’s uniform with bushy beard grinning at her, showing off his snow-white teeth, she had never known and seen before, sitting in the sitting room. Suddenly she had a strange feeling; “Gee, if I had such a husband, I would rather die.” After changing her dress, she went into the kitchen room for lunch. Suddenly, Yiey Sam walked to touch her shoulder and said: “Ah! Ah Tien, today I have cooked the food for a special guest and a few friends of mine, including Ngan Thi Ba too. Miss Tien gazed directly into Thom Sam’s face with the eyes open widely and asking: “Who is that special guest?” Thom Sam starred at her for a while and answered: “Kieng In!” Miss Tien opened her eyes widely by answering jokingly “That black man!” Thom Sam opened her eyes wider to answer funnily: “Yes!” Miss Tien was in tears running down her face, sitting by the stove.

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