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who was Angkar Leu from 1973-79?

Posted By: SLK < was Angkar Leu from 1973-79?> *(
Date: Tuesday, 3 September 2002, at 1:21 a.m.



When we in name of the Cambodian victims ask above-this question? When the Phnom Penh City fell into the grips of the “Mysterious Groups of disguised Khmer Rouge” in 1975, there were many secret Bo Dois who could speak Khmer very fluently, going all over the country to collect the all Vietnamese nationals to be sent back to South Vietnam effectively. During the war against the American imperialists from 1970 to 1975, the Khmer Rouge were known as “Men in Black”. After the “Mysterious Group of Bo Dois” had collected all Vietnamese nationals who were sent home to South Vietnam.(Vietnamese boat peoples were sent home/to South Vietnam happily like the ones during UNTAC sponsored “Free and Fair Election” of 1993). And from 1976 on, the “Young Mysterious Group of Disguised Khmer Rouge” had started to clean up all Kampuchea Krom people who spoke broken both Khmer and Yuon were accused of being Vietnamese spies/ secret agents. Why did Angkar Leu/Cap Tren order the “Young Mysterious Group of Disguised Khmer Rouge” to murder Kampuchea Krom people who were accused of being Vietnamese spies/secret agents? Why didn’t Angkar Leu/Cap Tren order "The Young Mysterious Group of Disguised Khmer Rouge" to kill all Vietnamese nationals living in Cambodia when they first came to Phnom Penh in 1975? Hanoi leaders thought that they are so cunning to have hidden their dirty-secret-pogrom plans against the Cambodian Victims. Hanoi leaders really wanted to eliminate both Kampuchea Kandal and Kampuchea Krom people so that it would make them easy to take control of Cambodia for their hungry Vietnamese who need more land, endlessly!

Because Hanoi Leaders could not kill all Cambodians for more than 3 years from 1975 to 1979. Today, Mr Gen. Nhiek Bun Chhay and all Cambodian Victims who already have pointed their fingers to the Hanoi Leaders for killing their Khmer compatriots in Cambodia.

“To murder the Khmers for needy-hungry Vietnamese people who need more land”. Short-sighted Cambodian peasants, mountaineers and former bandits, who secretly instigated by Hanoi’s Angkar Leu/ Cap Tren, to kill the educated Cambodians and rich men at their will during the Angkar Leu Genocidal Regime from 1975 to 1979. I just want to remind all the leaders of Khmer political parties what the emperor and the king of our neighbors said: "Emperor Gia Long of Vietnam said: "Cambodia is a small country and we should maintain it as a child." Most of the world leaders did or don’t know much about Hanoi Leaders’ dirty-secret plans and poison words that were hidden in the face of the world and public.

French Colonialism/Colonialists, Japanese and American imperialists, all of whom are so powerful nations on earth, always oppressed and bombed a small country like in Cambodia, but were brainless people in the jungle war against the Vietminh and Vietcong.

Nearly all of them claim to be Cambodian experts. Who was behind the Angkar Leu? Why did Ho Chi Minh want to incorporate Cambodia, Laos and Kampuchea Krom into Indo-Chinese federation under Hanoi’s thirty and hungry expansionism and hegemonism in South East Asia?” and the Cambodian problem still remains unresolved. Yiey Tien, one of survivors of Khmer Vietminh, who had escaped from Vietminh’s worst brutality on this planet to have lived in Battambang province, provided us as extremely clear evidences as crystal about Hanoi who were in the Angkar Leu’s mask, was born in Kampuchea Krom, capital of Prey Nokor (now known as “Ho Chi Minh City”).

Second ones, “Our Khmer Brothers and Sisters ought to be careful…” the Third ones, “Criminal Stratagems of Hanoi that all Khmer should know”. The last ones called “Hanoi formed a Faked Khmer People's National Liberation Front” to let all classes of Cambodians being aware of Hanoi’s well planed. Yiey Tien’s history:

Yiey in Khmer is Grandmother, is too old now, whose real Vietnamese names are Kim Thi Huy. In 1946, she was a teacher who taught Kampuchea Krom students in Cambodian+French languages in a Primary School in the village of Nga Ba, Travinh province during the French Cochinchina Colonialism;

From January-March, 1947-48, Yiey Tien, who had been forced to serve Vietminh as both secret agents/spy and a teacher, had taught the Kampuchea Krom Students in Wat Prateaksen Nikroot under Vietminh regime;

From 24/4/79-16/6/80, she had lived under Yuon-Vietcong aggression of Cambodia.

1. Who was the Angkar Leu?
2. Why did Angkar order their mysterious groups to kill many Khmer innocence “gentles”? More precisely, “Who is our hereditary enemy of Khmer Nation? Our enemies, who were in disguise, had been waiting for so long for a “good time” to come was to eliminate all Khmer political parties step by step, until there was nearly nothing left over in Cambodia, even the Khmer race are on the verge of extinction. Especially, even the Khmer Rouge soldiers were secretly eliminated. After about two million Khmer people were mercilessly killed; those who have survived through the Killing Fields of Angkar Leu, are nearly “mad, absent-minded, motionless and frightful men.” Cambodia has automatically opened the doors for her enemies. Our Number-One Enemies have followed their rules: “Losing the war in Cambodia, is to be the king (of Khmer); winning the war in Cambodia will be a tycoon. Today Cambodia is no more than a shambles. War and Hope).

Look, our enemy-Hanoi have been taking a good opportunity to learn Khmer language since 1979, who are being naturalized as Khmer citizenship; and those who have also used the Khmer names instead of their Vietnamese names. Our enemies have made up the New Khmer Nation, to convert continuously the Khmer nation into their “Vietnamization. More than 2,000,000 Cambodian people were brutally butchered, whose properties, and the State’s assets, which in Cambodia were taken away secretly by Angkar Le/Cap Tren to Vietnam by boats/ships and trucks/GMG.

Our archenemy’s activities, who had a secretly well planned to exterminate all Khmer race step by step; group by group; political party by political party; village by village; and province by province in sequence…etc., according to the exact time. Our archenemy said sweetly that they have already helped Cambodian people three times. Before I will reveal the criminal and ferocious political stratagem of Hanoi’s, which the all Khmer Victims have already received three times. Those provinces in the Khmer names, which were changed into the Vietnamese names once and for all…they exercised brutally all their powers and means to annihilate Kampuchea Krom race. If any Khmer Krom people weren’t be able to work, the Yuon ordered to bury the Khmer Victims alive; but to keep a three-head Khmer Victims above the ground like a triangle-stove for making tea for On (Vietnamese high officers). Etc. By 1858, Kampuchea Krom and Vietnam had become the French Colonialism/Colonialists then. Therefore, the French Colonialism/Colonialists were a “Magic Brake”, which could prevent Vietnamese brutalities and tortures of Kampuchea Krom.

In 1877, there was a Yuon man, whose ambition was to exterminate Kampuchea Krom race again, by forcing Kampuchea Krom people to speak Vietnamese, and must wear “clothes”, even Khmer Krom Buddhist monks must wear yellow robes like Yuon/Vietnamese monks-all the same…Etc. during that terror period, there was a Kampuchea Krom hero, who had sacrificed his life to refuse the Vietnamese announcement, who was called “Son Koy”, to keep Kampuchea Krom’s culture roots and traditional lifestyles as the original of Kampuchea Krom ancestors did.

After 50 years, there was a man, who was named “Nguyen Ai Coc”, (pseudonym Ho Chi Minh), had a strong political ambition of annexing Kampuchea Krom and Khmer Kandal again, founded “Indochinese Communist Party”, on 3 February 1930. In September 1945, Vietminh had an “political pretension”, to come help Cambodia struggle anti-French Colonialism/Colonialists.

In 1951, Ho Chi Minh held an “Conference of Indochinese Communist Party”. The meeting was held from 11-19/2/51, the Vietnamese dissolved the Indochinese Communist Party into three components: Vietnamese named Lao Dong party/Vietnamese Workers’ Party; Khmer and Laotian parties were not founded yet-it’s still secret, even though three parties were founded, each leader of the party was led by Hanoi cadres/ leaders secretly. That was a tactful political stratagem of Yuon-Hanoi.

Vietminh went right ahead: they stirred up all the unrest in Cambodia, who incited Cambodian people to misunderstand and stop supporting of Cambodian Government. The Vietminh instigated Cambodian rebels to kill one another (Khmers killed Khmers). Vietminh’s instigation were becoming a real menace to Cambodia. Meanwhile, the mountaineers got organized and applied to the Vietnamese revolutionaries who were hiding in the Cambodian jungles for arms and ammunition. To achieve these plans of forming Khmer Party as soon as possible.

Ho Chi Minh had sent a man whose named “Nguyen Van Mien”, was a masquerade as Son Ngoc Minh, who was supposed to be brother of Son Ngoc Thanh. In fact, Son Ngoc Minh wasn’t an elderly brother of Son Ngoc Thanh at all. That was only the political stratagem of Hanoi. Hanoi wanted to conceal her dirty-secret plans of exterminating all Khmer classes and incorporating Cambodia into an Indo-Chinese federation was dominated by Hanoi so that the world could not condemn her pogrom of Khmer as she did from 1975 to 1979.

“Hanoi’s criminal-stratagem Khmer-children should know!” Yiey Tien continued: In 1947, to show the Friendship between Khmer-Lao-Yuon, not a false phrase (Yiey Tien might want to say that this phrase wasn’t made up by herself. Because Yuon-Vietminh knew Kampuchea Krom people who loved and respected Son Ngoc Thanh very much. Son Ngoc Minh was in fact trying to concentrate on Cambodian Buddhist Religion, and to learn Khmer tradition and behaviour, which he wanted to act as a real Khmer national.

Vietminh had appointed Son Ngoc Minh as Phu Chu Tiep Ban Chap Hanh Cuu Quoc (the leader of Kampuchea Krom) to show off his face clearly that Kampuchea Krom had the same right with Vietminh who were in charge of liberating Kampuchea Krom from French. Son Ngoc Sour was in the secret-service office. Vietminh always told an artist to draw a Vietnamese girl and another one to put an arm around Miss. Tien’s shoulder with motto: Viet Mien Than Thien “Friendship between Khmer and Yuon.” By October 1947, Vietminh had formed a “Secret Ad Hoc Committee” to recruit both Khmer and Vietnamese boys-girls under 18 years old had to be sent to study in Peking. At first time, there were 29 people-21 boys and two Vietnamese girls whose name were Le Thi Soi, Nguyen Huong, 5 Kampuchea Krom boys and one girl was Miss Tien. “Met/comrades Indo-Chinese People are Yuon-Khmer and Lao. Common enemies of the Indo-Chinese People were Japanese and French. By expandig the Indochinese Communist Party stronger in the eyes of the public, Bac Ho had an formulated future plan that he had to sent five thousand Khmer boys, and five thousand Khmer girls; five thousand Laotian boys, and five thousand Laotian girls; ten thousand Vietnamese boys and ten thousand Vietnamese girls to study in Peking-no limitation of study was confirmed. Bac Ho acknowledged perfectly those who would be the future-leaders of the Indochinese Communist Party, which indefinitely had Bac Ho as an chairman. Cambodian and Laotian boys and girls all must get married with Vietnamese boys and girls flatly.”

Because the Vietnamese husbands and wives, who have a baby has to go to school learning only Vietnamese, and whose teachers are purely Vietnamese. That’s why half-blood Khmer and Vietnamese of the next generation will become automatically Vietnamese. Therefore, Kampuchea Krom parents would not let their children get married with Vietnamese.

When Yiey Tien had finished her lower-level-political studies, Vietminh organised a School Festival “Le-Be-Mac”, having an order to address the “Friendship Ties” in Vietnamese and Cambodian was Miss Tien. All Vietnamese leaders have exercised all their political sways to uproot Cambodian culture root and traditional religion-especially Buddhist monks. Many Cambodian Victims like Kampuchea Krom people living in overseas realized that the Vietnamese leaders of the twentieth century retained the same base desire to annex Cambodia, as had their forbears. Hanoi has perfectly sealed off her secret-pogrom plans so far so good in the eyes of the world.

Ba is grandmother in Vietnamese, whereas Tien is also in Vietnamese name is Yiey Tien.

At night, on 28 February 1948, Vietminh organized a great party for 29 candidates. Our Party always has high hopes. Lao-Khmer we had to incorporate them into an Indochinese Communist Party-needed not to waste a bullet or a soldier. We had to form New Khmer and Lao instead of the old ones.

Ta Thien continued his comments in an ignored manner: “Cambodian people Our Party acknowledged a baby-rabbit like which always fell asleep like a log-not knowing the war. If the longer the war between Cambodia and Vietnam continued the far better for us. Subsequently, Our Party tried patiently to recruit Khmer boys and girls who were sent to be trained in Peking as the future-cadre/leader of New Cambodia…Etc.

I am optimist that Hanoi was indeed hell-bent over eventually subjugating Cambodia. That was why during the war that in Cambodia from 1970 to 1975, North Vietnam made our war because they wanted Cambodians to kill Cambodians. Cambodian educated men and many historians were broodingly certain Hanoi would eventually move to conquer Cambodia, either using the Khmer Rouge as pawns or else exterminating them all, as they did it from 1975 to 1979, and so far. Hanoi’s still covered up tactfully her secret-evil plans for expanding control in both Laos and Khmer. Hanoi Leaders have behaved deplorably who are the world’s worst violators of human right. Ta Thien was speaking as he was staring at Neang Tien and five other Khmer youths that were the first candidates…with a great smile and cheer. Neang Tien could not believe that Ta Thien said to have sent Bo Doi to fulfil their mission in Cambodia. Comrade-Le Thi Sung asked Ta Thien alarmingly, “Didn’t Cambodian and Laotian people have a hand to resist against Our Party?”

Ta Thien ignored, by scorning the Khmer and Laotian people, answering that there would be nothing to be hard. But Our Party have to spend more times, because Khmer and Laotian people who are zealous Buddhists. Cambodian and Laotian had to get married with Vietnamese. At about 24 p.m., Meung walked Neang Tien through Ba Trach temple and then through a small plain-the east of Wat to Pnoo Ompoong village and then she gave Neang Tien to Ta Chieh and Yiey keum, two of whom helped Neang Tien continuing her trip to Om Bok Bey. Neang Tien had wandered around after the sellers to the Kompong Khteoung Post. Neang Tien replied “Yes, I do.” Neang Tien was rushed to find convoi to get in. Suddenly having heard speaking in Khmer: “ I could not believe at all that there was a Khmer girl as a leader of Vietminh!” Neang Tien opened her eyes widely to look around to that voice, she saw a man, about 34, was a strong built, tall, curly hair and long face, keen eyes, a very sharp-pointed nose and sambao Khmer (=color).

Neang Tien then embraced that stranger and moaned “Brother Ba!” After having heard Neang Tien called “Brother Ba”, only then they knew it was Ngan Thi Ba (Thi= girl so Ngan Thi Ba was a girl). Neang Tien held Ngan Thi Ba’s hand tightly, crying as asking, “Ba, what are you doing today?”

In May 1948, Mr Pan Lao had appointed Neang Tien as a teacher again teaching Kampuchea Krom students in French+Khmer at Ecole Primaire Complementaire Franco Indochina Mixte Chef Lieu De Tra-vinh. After finished the killings, Vietminh always threatened Tien’s parents to death that if Ta and Yiey could find abdication bring Tien back to Chieu Khu in a short time, you would be pardoned. After receiving a letter, Thach Ty Hung sent a telegram to Kieng In by telling that Ah Tien whom just has escaped from the Vietminh.

Kieng In, one of the Kampuchea Krom sons, had no heart to get married with Vietnamese girl at all, who didn’t have any intention to abandon Miss Tien as his Kampuchea Krom arranged fiancée! The reason in 1947, Miss Tien was arrested by Vietminh, while Kieng In was working in Prey Nokor. The French government needed a person who could speak three languages-Khmer- Yuon and French to work in Surete federal at Battambang. That day, Miss Tien was engaged to contribute the awards to Cambodian students during the school’s holiday. Miss Tien opened her eyes widely by answering jokingly “That black man!” At 13, on July 18 1948, everybody had gathered in Thom Pao Seth’s house to say goodbye to Kieng In and Miss Tien, but Miss Tien had disappeared unexpectedly. Miss Tien raised her hands joining together in the highly elegant gesture of Khmer courtesy to say goodbye and thank to everybody.

Kieng In walked Miss Tien to Khmer Wat Chantaraingsey to leave her with nuns. Khmer PM who was on guard duty, checked on every convoy, suddenly found Miss Tien who was called to get off the convoy. Some people asked: “Why is that big Khmer brother so black-hearted?” At 20 the same day, Kieng In walked Miss Tien to Di Vinh Tri’s house, while having meal. By seeing Kieng In with Miss Tien behind. Tri thought Kieng In was joking. One evening, Kieng In walked Tri to meet Miss Tien. Kieng In walked into Miss Tien’s room to tell her to prepare dinner. For what reason caused you to bring Sister-Tien here?” Miss Tien asked Tri: “Is it true?” When Neang Tien was safe in Cambodia, she looked back to her parents in Kampuchea Krom. Her father was brutally beheaded by Vietcong because he refused to hand Neang Tien over to them. Vietcong beheaded her father in the eyes of public to warn to Kampuchea Krom people not to follow Neang Tien’s example. Because Neang Tien knew too much about their dirty-secret genocidal plans against Cambodians.

Simon Ross’s “The Subjugation of Cambodia” [.15], written in 1983: By now Son Ngoc Thanh and his free Cambodians had developed a very strong groundswell of popular support in Cambodia. Father François Ponchaud also emphasized: the origins of the Khmer Communist Party that is now running Kampuchea date from the anti-colonialists struggle against the French. It was joined by a newly formed Cambodian section composed solely of Vietnamese and Chinese nationals living in Cambodia, who could exert no profound influence upon the Khmer people. The first Cambodian revolutionaries made their appearance in the Khmer minority in Cochin China, during the first Indo-Chinese war. In 1965, South Vietnamese had a good blessing from American intervention. In 1970, 20,000 Vietcong/NVAs flooded into all over Cambodian territory; those who have had every good experiences of war, and know Cambodian geography far better than the Cambodian people.

Lon Nol had only 27, 000 FANK troops in the country. Khieu Samphan and Khmer communists were in a horrified emotion to sign of supporting Sihanouk on March 26, 1970. Vietcong/NVAs further declared:
Both North and South Vietnamese are so extremely tricky, taking advantage of this official blessing on an incursion into Khmer territory to avenge and overavenge their compatriots who had been massacred by Lon Nol’s men the month before; their savagery drove a large number of Cambodian peasants over to the Khmer communists who were in the jungles with Vietcong/NVAs leaders. And, Nguyen van Thieu’s savage horde Cambodia came to invade, pillage, burn, ruin, destroy Cambodia, and to rob, torture, rape and murder Cambodians. That was the high price Nguyen Van Thieu’s Government made Cambodia pay in exchange for the military protection it provided the faltering Khmer Republic.
After the agreements concluded with North Vietnam on January 27, 1973, America undertook to restore peace in Cambodia by detaching the Khmer Rouge from Sihanouk and launching the idea of a coalition government to be formed after negotiation with all political parties.

The Cambodian survivors who were living along the Vietnamese-Cambodian Border, many of whom had no shelter/quarter, were short of everything. “Who were the Khmer Rouge, then?” Yiey Tien asked herself in an alarming voice. Khmer children should know and must not forget about Hanoi’s Criminal-political stratagem! Yiey Tien, was also invited to that party, who had a good opportunity to tell every one about Ho Chi Minh’s pre planned of expanding control in Cambodia that will be incorporated into an Indochinese Communist Party. Yiey Tien exclaimed in despairing voice. “Who was the Angkar Leu?” asked Yiey Tien. The North Vietnamese combat divisions were withdrawn from Cambodia for the offensive in South Vietnam in a sham. The VC pretended to go home-Vietnam by saying goodbye to those poor, uneducated Khmer Rouge Youtheas. Before they retreated from Cambodia combat, they had sent a disguised group of real Vietnamese to lead those Khmer Rouge Youtheas for them. Those disguised Khmers were purely 100% of Vietnamese men, who used to living in Cambodia, learned very well about both Khmer lecture and language in school in Phnom Penh, were forcibly repatriated back to Vietnam from 1970 to 1971, were barbarian vindicators willing to come back to Cambodia, take revenge against the Cambodian students who staged anti-Vietnamese in 1970. Those Vietnamese men had changed their Vietnamese names to Cambodian ones…(Like Duk, whose real name was “Duc” in Vietnamese, was the Chief of prison of Tuol Sleng.)
“Angkar Leu was born since then!” These words Yuon-Vietcong had used for threatening and exterminating Kampuchea Krom people since 1945, in Vietnamese language “ Cap Tren,” in English “An Anonymous Higher Organisation,” in Cambodian “Angkar Leu,” which was revealed by Hanoi’s secret-political stratagem to help Khmers two times.

International political analysts, CIA officers and many other foreign journalists had all false information about Vietnamese withdrawal of Cambodia in 1973. VC/NVA did pull their troops out of the international arena, to have hidden their faces in the jungles of Cambodian territory, to lead the poor, uneducated Khmer Rouge soldiers who had their bitter guts to avenge against their enemy (Khmers killed Khmers). The Hanoi Leaders are so cunning to have concealed tactfully their dirty-secret-pogrom plans of Khmer Race since then, as an old saying: “The cat hides their claws waiting to catch a mouse”. Hanoi leaders did really use their secret words “Angkar Leu” to murder more than 2 000 0000 Cambodian people; yet could not be condemned by the world and UN.
The North Vietnamese were able to give satisfactory assurances on Laos; Hanoi had always dominated the Pathet Lao. In Cambodia, however, no such guarantees could be given, because of the growing tension between the North Vietnamese and the Khmer Rouge. During 1972, when almost all North Vietnamese combat divisions were withdrawn from Cambodia for the offensive in South Vietnam, reports of fairly constant fighting between the allies reached Phnom Penh and Washington. Did the Khmer Rouge really act independently of Hanoi after 1973? To compare the articles from foreign authors/ journalists who claimed to be Cambodian expert, but didn’t mention about the “Hidden faces and names of Angkar Leu/ Cap Tren: we have seen that the Khmer Rouge was a family affair. One might say as much about the Khmer Issarak Liberation Front (Free Cambodians), headed by 1950 on by Son Ngoc Minh, a relative of Son Ngoc Thanh’s (one of the Khmer Serei leader’s brothers, Son Thai Nguyen, was also elected to the South Vietnam Senate). The putative father of a dissident movement, Son Ngoc Minh became the head f the Khmer Vietminh. A Radio Hanoi program in December 1978, claimed the Khmer Rouge had subsequently poisoned the old Khmer communist movement, that is, uniting the Khmer Rouge and Khmer-Vietminh.

Today, I am a Cambodian history researcher, happily writing to tell you about the dirty, secret-plans and long-time dream of Hanoi. An ancestral prophecy predicts that one the unfortunate Khmer people will be forced to choose between being eaten by tigers (Khmer Rouge) or swallowed by crocodiles (Vietnamese). The past and the present Hanoi leaders had been [and] are trying every diplomatic and legal means to eliminate the Khmer race by using the secret words of "Angkar Leu/cap Tren" during the terror of war in indo-china from 1970-1979. The Cambodian party called itself Angkar, "organization," in the established tradition of the Indochinese communist party and the south Vietnamese communists, who used term "organization" in order to woo the peasants to their political ideas without revealing they were communists. The next stage for Cambodia war was brought by the Paris Peace Accords signed on January 27, 1973, by the United States and North Vietnam. The North Vietnamese won the withdrawal of American troops from South Vietnam and an end to American bombing of North Vietnam without having to withdraw North Vietnam troops from the south. The North Vietnamese had warned the Khmer communists of this possibility; the Khmer Rouge decided the accords were one more betrayal by their communist allies. The Khmer Rouge, the North Vietnamese by signing the accords had released American jets to bomb Cambodia. North Vietnamese troops no longer traveled through Cambodia freely. They no longer fed on Cambodian rice. This association with Vietnamese communists and the presence of men of mixed Cambodian and Vietnamese ancestry were to have profound consequences the Cambodian left developed over the ensuing decades, but in the immediate postwar years links with Vietnam played a vital part in sustaining the embryonic Cambodian communist movement. Some of the radical leaders had mixed Cambodian Vietnamese ancestry. The Cambodian communist movement gained its own identity, separate from ICP, When the latter, Vietnamese-dominated grouping dissolved itself in 1951. From this point on there were three national communist movements in each of the Indochinese states, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The new party in Cambodia called itself the Khmer People's Revolutionary party (KPRP) when it was founded in September 1951. Cambodia's communist leaders so distrusted foreigners that they cut off the country from the world to build their revolution. From march 29 1970, when the north Vietnamese launched their first major attack in Cambodia, until the middle of 1972, Lon Nol’s small, inexperienced army had to face and was defeated by the best fighters in southeast Asia, the north Vietnamese army. The Lon Nol military suffered the causalities inflicted by the North Vietnamese and grew to hate Sihanouk and his allies as much as the Khmer Rouge did.

While SAR refused to accept "mixed" Vietnamese and Cambodian military units were led and directed by the Vietnamese, he was willing to use Cambodians trained by the Vietnamese. As early as 1970, Lim realized the relation between the Cambodian and the Vietnamese communists were "not good." Gradually, Lim gave up hope for a Khmer revolution.

Today, the Chinese and Vietnamese governments just don’t want Khmer Rouge leaders are tried by the International Penal/Court of Justice or UN. They are so afraid to lose their faces when all Khmer Rouge leaders are going to confess to the world.

Sooner or later, all Khmer Rouge leaders will go to confess before the International Penal/Court of Justice. Then no Khmer fights against Khmer anymore. And then we all Khmers can sleep peacefully and harmoniously in our bed! Please help us to open our hidden enemies's faces clearly to the world so that no more genocide can happen in other countries in the future. And especially our Khmer innocent people who were brutally butchered by Angkar Leu from 1975-79,who can go to rest in peace...with their eyes closed.

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