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From: SLK (taprohm30@hotmail.com)
Subject: Pol Pot clearly confessed to the world and his Khmer children
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Newsgroups: soc.culture.cambodia
Date: 2003-02-21 20:42:50 PST
Pol Pot clearly confessed to the world about Vietnamese agents in

 20 years ago, when the Cambodian refugees first came to live in
Australia and in other parts of the world, many of us could neither
speak nor write English at all so we could not explain what was
happening to our country from 1975 to 1979.

 Many Australians and Europeans didn't even know what Cambodia was in
those days? They only knew Thailand and Vietnam. My Australian friend,
with whom I used to living, asked me what is Khmer? His question
really consternated me. When he asked me like that? I was really all
at sea to hear what he asked me? And in those days, my English was
terrible. I spoke a little English, so I could not explain to them
what was happening to Cambodia. I only explained to them that Thailand
and South Vietnam are belong to Khmers. And I also told them that the
Killing Fields was created by Vietnamese agents everywhere in Cambodia
who could speak and write Khmer very fluently by using the Khmer
Rouges' hands to kill Khmers.

 Vietnamese agents, in those days, in Australia and in many parts of
the world, were so happy to unshamefacedly bullshit to the world that
Khmer Rouge killed their own people from 1975 to 1979.  But so
luckily, there are so many foreign writers who also know too much
about Khmer histories writing to let the world and Khmer children know
Vietnamese dirty plans against Khmers as Simon Ross put here in his
book about Subjugation of Cambodia:

Hanoi's ultimate objective though was the total subjugation of all
Indochina-Cambodia, Kampuchea Krom and Laos. For centuries Vietnam had
sought the abundant granary that is the Cambodian heartland, having
earlier pilfered the Mekong Delta from the Khmers. Vietnam is long and
thin country with limited arable land and a large population and her
cropland is often subject to natures whim. But Vietnam's ambition to
control Phnom Penh had to be unobtrusive and so Hanoi covertly sought
domination of the Cambodian Communist Movement from the inside and the
eventual placing in power in Phnom Penh of these puppet Khmer
Communists. That was why North Vietnam had filtered the 4000 Khmer
Communists to Hanoi after the 1954 Geneva Conference: to train and
brainwash them, and release them into Cambodia en masse to take charge
of the Cambodian Communist Movement when the time seemed ripe. That
time looked to be from 1970 until now.

As Cambodia Watching down under put like this:
 All things being equal the Vietnamese liberation is the preferable of
the two evils (ie. Evil for the liberal, benign for the ideological
supporters of Vietnamese communism.)
 The invading Vietnamese themselves and the Cambodians who accompanied
them faced hardly any resistance. Indeed, the evidence suggests that
nearly everyone in Cambodia regarded the Vietnamese as having saved
them from the horrors of the Pol Pot regime.(Geoffrey C. Gunn
Jefferson Lee)

When Pol Pot clearly confessed to the world and his Khmer children in
1997 before he died in 1998 about Vietnamese dirty plans against
Khmers. His words really stunned and turned the world upside down to
stake a big bar/stick into Vietnamese leaders’ rectums in
Vietnam. Vietnamese authorities ordered their people to collect
English Newspapers in every hotel to be burnt to ash because they felt
shamed when they read those articles were revealed by Pol Pot. (SBS
Radio, broadcasting in Khmer from Sydney)

Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge:

When I was in France. I didn't understand much, but in Cambodia I
progressed because in Cambodia, I didn't have contact with the
bourgeoisie because my degree was ordinary. But I had contact with the
monks, the lower class and the common people. That's why I understand
the problem. I didn't copy anyone. I'm not a special person but I was
educated in Europe. Seeing the inequality saddened me. So as for your
question about what model I followed. It's a combination of things,
but I was mainly influenced by what I saw in my country.
Since I was young.  This has been my nature. I'm not a very talkative
person. I could mention the author who interviewed me, Jacque Verges.
He wrote that he knew me for 20 or 30 years as a polite, discreet
young man and I don't know what else. I don't want to appear to be a
leader. And if friends asked me what my background was, I would say,
first I was a very hard worker. Second, it was by luck that I became
the party secretary. No one else would take that position but me. I
refused, but they insisted.

 Please understand, with my high level of work, I only made decisions
concerning the very important people. I didn't supervise the lower
ranks. These men joined and led the Democratic of Kampuchea Party but
they weren't real members. What I have mentioned occurred in 1976 and

 This group hatched a plot to carry out a coup and topple me, the
party leader and kill me. This group was involved with the Vietnamese.
I don't remember everything but I have documents to prove the plot.
There was someone called Ya. Ya had been a Vietnamese agent since
1946. (SBS August-September 2002)

Before Pol Pot, died in 1998, clearly revealed to the world that he
didn't liberate his country for killing his own people. But the
Vietnamese carried on the Killing fields was shown on Channel 10 at
6pm in Australia. And he pointed one of his fingers to himself; you
look at me. Am I a cruel man? Cambodian history will judge me one day!
Without me, there would be no Cambodia anymore!

Cambodia watching down under
Geoffrey C. Gunn
Jefferson Lee, July 1991

 After all it was the Khmer Rouge who felt betrayed by Hanoi's 1973
peace agreement with Nixon. Totally miscalculating the extent of their
defeat thousands of Khmer republic personnel were systemically
murdered by the enemy; Long Boret (Republican Prime Minister), Lon Non
(Lon Nol's brother), Keth Dara (who staged a theatrical false
liberation of the city on the 17th), Sirik Matak (Sihanouk's royal
rival), Ung Bun Hor (president of the national Assembly) all died in
agony as the DK regime later put about. Lon Nol, then 71 years old,
had made an early exit and died ten years later in California.

Vietnam has behaved deplorably breached the most fundamental rules of
human decency.

Simon Ross, 1983. Subjugation of Cambodia:

 A friend in Phnom Penh had been adamant: "You will see. North Vietnam
made our war because they want Cambodians to kill Cambodians. Then
when there are no more of us left, they will come and take our
 And when I asked others what they foresaw, the invariable reply was
After the Khmer Rouge will come the Vietnamese.
 The people of Phnom Penh were broodingly certain Hanoi's would
eventually move to conquer Cambodia, either using the Khmer Rouge as
pawns or else extermination them.
 Bearing this theory in mind, I followed intently all developments in
the years after 1975 and, relating apparently insignificant remarks
and moves by Hanoi and Moscow to the context of my friends'
convection, it became apparent they were right. Hanoi was indeed
hell-bent on eventually subjugating Cambodia.
 Quite true, The Cambodian people had lost everything: their freedom,
their families, their houses, their land, their possessions, their
religion, their culture, their tradition peasant ways. Nearly on third
had also lost their lives.
 All former Lon Nol soldiers were killed; public servants, doctors,
nurses, teachers, students and all other professions also
exterminated. Cambodia had 60,000 Buddhists bonzes in her population
of just seven million. All monks were derobed, many of them killed.
 By mid-1976 it was apparent that the nation Laos functioned merely as
a province of Vietnam and was totally dominated by Hanoi.
 The Pathet Lao had believed they were fighting to free Laos from
foreign interference (French and American) but now found they had
fought and suffered only to see control of their country pass to
Hanoi. They could now see they had been betrayed. But Hanoi had placed
an occupation army of 40, 000 to quell any Laotian dissent.
 Yes, North Vietnamese liberated us, said one Lao refugee in Thailand.
“They liberated us of our crops, of our beasts, of our prettiest
girls and even of our country.
 Clearly, the same scenario had been planned for Cambodia, but the
frantic nationalism of the Khmer Rouge was blocking Hanoi. Aha! Pol
Pot was completely destroying Hanoi's schemes on time.
 The Vietnamese were aware of the Pol Pot genocide yet made absolutely
no attempt to inform the outside world of it. They remained silent,
hopefully they could plot an internal coup by the surviving
Hanoi-Khmers to topple Pol Pot and thus put themselves in power.
Failing that, they would have to invade to seize control of Cambodia.
 Either way, the last thing Hanoi wanted was an international outcry
over the Khmer Rouge atrocities, because world uproar might have led
to United Nations military intervention in Cambodia, which would have
foiled Hanoi's plan for future conquest.
 Talks between Hanoi and Democratic Kampuchea had been fruitless
throughout all of 1975 and 1976, Pol Pot claiming from the start that
Hanoi's sole aim was to annex Cambodia into an Indochinese
 Throughout 1978 Russian ships brought military and logistic supplies
into Vietnam in preparation for the invasion. Hanoi began describing
that country as Hell on Earth-something she had known since mi-1975
but kept discreetly silent about.
 Vietnam had massed 120,000 troops along Cambodia's border by
Christmas 1978. On January 2 1979, their armoured assault began with
heavy air support. The kampuchean United Front army tagged along,
doing no fighting while North Vietnam tanks roared unopposed down the
main highways all the way across Cambodia to the Thai border.
 Hanoi won the war but is rapidly losing the peace. The current
economic situation of Vietnam is chronic. Inflation is doubling
prices. Hanoi has printed a large amount of unbacked currency;
Vietnamese has just enough foreign currency to buy but one week of
imports; she can not pay any interest on any foreign debt to
non-communist countries.
On the back:
The nation bearing responsibility for the Cambodian tragedy is not the
United States but North Vietnam. For centuries Vietnam has coveted the
fertile rice basin of Cambodia; for decades the Vietnamese Communist
Party plotted to subjugate Cambodia and Laos into an Indo-China
Federation dominated by Hanoi.
Since January 1979, Cambodian escapees have told that the Vietnamese
liberators of Cambodia are little better: that Hanoi inducted the
famine of 1979-80; that Hanoi is swamping Cambodia with Vietnamese
immigrants settlers; that Hanoi will eventually absorb Cambodia
entirely. Again, though, the desperate words of the Khmer people go

That's why William Shawcross wrote his book "The Destruction of
Cambodia" in 1986, that "Nixon (US President) evidently believed in
1973 (and still in 1978) that the Khmer Rouge were controlled by Hanoi
and were amenable to Moscow."

Norodom Sihanouk clearly stated:
Another important step in the first phase was eliminating Pol Pot's
fervent cadres, yet taking salvageable Khmer Rouge and the regimes
slaves to Vietnam. In this way the Vietnamese were able to bring ten
of thousands of kampuchean civilians into their country in January
Shortly after the voluntary retreat of Giap's troops on January 6,
1978, the Khmer Rouge complained of renewed attempts to overthrow the
government by Vietnamese agents. (War & Hope, William Shawcross, 1980.
Prince Norodom Sihanouk.)

Therefore, the Khmer Rouges were Vietnamese, and the Vietnamese were
Khmer Rouge who brutally killed our close relatives and parents.
That's why after peace agreement signed in Paris in 1991, Khieu
Samphan went to Cambodia, who was near-lynched by a mob, by clearly
telling to the world and his Khmer children: We can't catch fish in
muddy water, but when the muddy water becomes clearer. We will catch
them all. What he meant is that Cambodian society is today deeply
divided, in disarray and scattering while the Kampuchean people
distrusted or hated other each badly, but when all Cambodians come
together one day, especially we are united altogether. We will surely
catch all fish that ate Khmers from 1975-79. The ripe time will come,
and all Khmer Rouge leaders/cadres will go to confess to the world,
who was wearing secret balaclava to murder Khmers from 1975-79? Pol
Pot already stunned the world with his clearest confession before he
died in 1998. He's a real greatest hero on earth, who dares sacrifice
his life to dominate the world attention, wasn't afraid of being
strongly condemned by his own people and the world. But he really
terribly shook the world, with 2000 000 Cambodian lives lost. All the
communists around the globe were completely collapsed once and for


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