Profile and Mobil of Pol Pot
Khmers Rouge = Vietnamese

Pol Pot is an abbreviation of the English word "Political Potential"; such is the political nickname of ex-Saloth Sar that Hanoi and China allotted to him. He was a personal selected by Hanoi and China to replace Soeung Ngok Minh and Tout Sa Mut, which had just disappeared under a mysterious condition. From the point of view of the origin, Pol Pot is nothing Vietnamese, but for the point of view of policy and profile, Pol Pot served incontestably, the interest of Vietnamese.

Born in Prek Sbauv (Kompong Thom) in May 19, 1928, he descended from a comfort farming family. He was the eighth child of a sino-khmer family (half-caste Chinese).

His family entered in the chronicle royal history since 1925, when his aunt (? Cousin) Khun Meak, a royal ballet dancer became a concubine of king Monivong. From this alliance will be born the princess Khun Yeap who will become the last concubine of king Suramarith and mother of prince Sirivutdh. Later, the elder brother (? Uncle) of Saloth Sar, named Saloth Suong became a significant employee in the royal palate, he married in 1940 with a dancer of the palate, named Chea Samy, and would work up to 1975. Later, Saroeun, a sister of Sar, a dancer, became a concubine of king Monivong too.

Between 1934-35, the parents of Sar sent him to live at Phnom Penh with his brother and his sister-in-law, Saloth Suong and Chea Samy.

As a teenager, Saloth Sar often worked in the farm and had fact followed teaching Buddhism to become monk. During the Second World War in 1946, Po-Pot joined the movement Anti-French of Hô Chi Minh. In 1949, he became an underground member of the Indo-China Communist Party, but at that time (1949) he acquired a purse to study of radio-electronics in Paris, at once he joined to the French party communism. When his return to Cambodia in 1953, he has joined in the Revolutionary Party of Kampuchea and taught the history and geography in a private school "Kampuchaboth " and wrote many articles for the left newspaper.

In 1954, when the Frenchs left Indo-China, they have appointed Sihanouk on the throne, but Saloth Sar is opposite. He founded 1960 the congresses of the Kampuchea Communist Party. In 1963, he was elected central secretary of committee of the Communist Party Kampuchea. Feared from reprisals of king Sihanouk, the members of the Kampuchea Communist Party refuges in the forests where they met the guerrilla of Khmer Rouge party. In decade 60, the USA reinforced its military campaigns to destroy the Vietnamese Communist Party of Hô Chi Hinh, but as of decade 70 the war was devastated until the territorial Cambodia where the USA suspected of being hidden the Vietnamese communist forces and which was the case. The civil war and the bombardment almost lasted a year and which made numerous victims among the civil ones.

April 17, 1975, Phnom Penh was fallen in the hand of Khmer Rouge. The reception was however cordial to the odd liberators. Many Cambodians left in the street to acclaim the winners. The white flags floated everywhere. But these strange liberators became suddenly firm, cruel and incomprehensible. The noises of microphones threatening, required the evacuation immediate of the inhabitants of Phnom-Penh from their houses, those which are opposite were been killed at once on the spot, it is then, how the hell of the Kampuchean people began. In three 3 years 8 months and 20 days, at last 30-45% of the Khmer population were perished, either of massacre, or of programmed famine, or disease, or from torture and I pass …

January 7, 1979 when Vietnam invades the territory Khmer, there remained about 4 million inhabitants on 7 millions (before de event of 17 aril 1975) The majority of the streets and the villages are almost deserted and one was happy to meet the inhabitants. At the beginning of year 79, they estimated that there are more than three million of Cambodian perished between 75-79, but at once these figures were lied and contradicted unceasingly. The reason was obvious; the demographic rate rises incredibly quickly. In order to justify this doubtful increase, the government of Hun SEN must reduce the number of Khmer deaths. And one wonders why? Why of such invention? To understand, it is quite simply necessary to go in the districts for the length of the river Tonlé Basak such as Chba Am-Poe, Kbal Thnal etc in all the other popular khmer capitals to see the mass of Vietnamese immigrants freely coming to settle since the invasion Vietnamese.

And what is even more scandalous, it is that many them are not simple population but are truths martyrs of Hanoi. They are discrete, underground, and transferred people who control and invigilate all the activities of the Cambodians. Any suspicious activity or verbal, one will immediately made convene, question and often remove. And since the existence of the election in Cambodian, many are the Vietnamese who came to support the government in place. Some of them have infiltrated in the heart of the Khmer political system.

All was prepared, all was set up to trapped the Cambodian people, the least details thoroughly were studied organized and programmed. Including the setting in scene of the hostility of Pol Pot with Hanoi government. In April 1975 and April 1977, Pol Pot had driven out of Cambodians about 20000 Vietnamese, but his true goal is to mislead the opinion world to serve the invasion policy of Hanoi later. In fact, Pol.-Pot had gathered them and taken them safety to Vietnam. The put in scene was however perfect. Pol Pot leaded a hostile policy with his old Master and had even killed some of them. Astonishing way to thanks his Master whom he always submitted, admired and maintained of the underground relations more than doubtful.

We wonders, if Pol Pot is really hostile with Vietnam why he did not massacre all these people as made the General Lon Nol, for he had all the capacities to do it, but not on the contrary, as long as the Khmer people are massacred like rabbits, enemy Vietnamese of Pol Pot is put in shelters and well treated in their long cross to Vietnam. Later all these people there were came back at once to Cambodia since 1979. And when the Cambodians asked why there are too many of the Vietnamese came freely to Cambodia, Hun SEN answers, them, they are the Vietnamese evacuated in year 1975 and 1979 and they are back to Cambodia. Astonishing! Astonishing Pol Pot!

And what is even more striking, it is that, during his throne, Pol Pot ordered to gather, to collect all the richness of Cambodia and stored by categories in the diverse surest places, and when the Vietnamese arrived at 1979 in Phnom-Penh, they know exactly where all these ammunition were hided and they have nothing to do else than to transport to Vietnam, by boats, plane, trucks (especially on national I), that really seems to a mass burglary, which goes from simple material of recovery until the Khmer cultural inheritance, such as the old low-relief or statutes…Etc. And also the humanitarian aids, intended then for Cambodians who were dying of hunger, but the poor Cambodian have received nothing. Because all these boats of ammunition left to Vietnam. Another disconcerting fact was also obvious, in 1976-1977 when Pol Pot seems struck Vietnam; it seems as only an easy provocation to allow the Vietnam to invade the Cambodia in right with the International. Because Pol Pot knows very well that, it does not have any weight with Vietnam. According to François Ponchaud, author of " Year zero ", the pillage of Cambodia starts as soon as when arrived of the Khmer Rouge = Vietnamese in Phnom-Pehn, but this author speaks about this as the cleaning of the symbol of the occident. But if that is right, Is Khmer Rouge has to empty automatic in Vientam????

Cit one " You Kim Lanh, referred to above, testifies some: " I remained one month in Phnom Penh to work for the Khmer Rouges. I was to excavate all the houses and to collect remained the rice there, to store the drugs coming from various pharmacies. We charged all that in boats whose crew was Vietnamese. Time with other, a fire burst downtown, but we did not do anything to extinguish it. Sometimes, the Khmer Rouges made us demolish the houses out of wooden, then to put the beams and the boards in heap."

Yeri Savannary, professor, taken refuge in Thailand about 15.10.1975, confirm the preceding account indirectly: " From the end April, of the trucks made ceaseless rotations on the road "National 1" driving to Saigon; they transported the television-radio, motor bikes, cycles of all marks, bicycles, drugs packed up and weapons of all categories. Close to Neak Luong, approximately two hundred vehicles waited to cross the Mekong; there was in particular of Mercédès and the 404. There were also three or four guns of 105 mm and three trucks of drugs. The whole apparently left for Vietnam. "

Lao Bun Thai, mechanic, vingt-trois years, taken refuge in October 1975,have worked until May 15 in Phnom Penh, confermed : I saw, of my own eyes, several trucks, filled to the brim with books, to pass in front of the embassy of France and to gain north indeed. I also saw burning on the lawn volumes of the library of the cathedral. The library of the French School of the Far East, located at a few hundred meters of the embassy underwent a fate similar on May 5 in morning. It did not contain much any more of treasures, because essence had been put in safety in France (political to remove and material and Khmer inheritance cuturel, as done France at the beginning of colonization in its politique of creating Indo-China state. The Vietnameses continuenet quite simply work of France but in another dimension)

Emptied its population, stripped its goods, Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia since 1865, pearl of the South-East Asia, with the broad shaded avenues, became a phantom city, turning over little by little to the forest... De many lawns were covered with banana trees, so that no inch of ground is lost

Several refugees crossed Phnom Penh last months (1975), they estimate that the city hardly counts more than 20 000 inhabitants, including only Khmer Rouges and their families. The workmen live in the peripheral districts, close to their factories, but cannot enter enville. The unmarried Khmer Rouges are grouped: the boys live on a side of the street, the girls of the other. Various ministries for the government révolutionnaireont a personnel reduced to the bare minimum; the majority, do not even have offices.

The few diplomats of accredited socialist countries with Phnom Penh find the life hard: they cannot leave their embassy. Three times per day, a jeep bring their meal to them; they have any distraction, no personnel with their service, wash themselves their linen, etc " Every two weeks, Friday, a plane of the Chinese CCAC makes it possible to the foreign diplomats to go to take a bowl of air and freedom in Peking... Since September 1976, they can also use the new air line connecting Phnom Penh to Hanoi. Only one newspaper in language khmère of four pages, Padévath (Revolution), appears every fifteen during the days and diffuse only the news conceiving the construction of the country. And those which live in the East, the border Vietnamese, often saw on stolen planes of Kampuchea towards Vietnam.

Between the 09.12.1978-23.12.1978, the American journalists, Mrs Elizabeth BECKER, author of book " Tear of Kampuchea " and her two other colleges, Richard DZIMAN and Malcolm CALD WELL, were invited to Phnom-Penh. They were accompanied to visit Toul-Sleng, but as Mrs Elizabeth BECKER saw the register of the prisoners, she was very surprised to see the names of leaders of the Communist Party Kampuchea who were also imprisoned, tortured, confessed wrongly and through, then massacred. In May 1977, 400 Khmers Rouge tending Khmer were captures and sent to Toul Sleng, they were been forced to confess as the Vietnamese agents secretes. At 22.12.1977, the journalist, Malcolm CALD WELL, was assassinated in his hotel with Phnom-Penh, because he probably saw what one should not see, and which quicken besides the departure of Elizabeth BECKER and Richard DZIMAN.

Pol Pot was not a pupil shining but he was a pleasant and correct companion, nothing to see with the dictator, and genocide regime, which he directed. He remains all his life in a species of darkness. His behaviours whatever policies or relational remain thus unintelligible and contradictory. For much, Pol Pot is of a radicalist, nationalist and xenophobe, especially with Vietnamese. But in reality, Pol Pot served only the policy absorption of Vietnam on Cambodia and this until his last breath. Remember about his sudden appearance can of time before its death, without anybody seeks it, however it was a subject of research during many years without wine. All that seems of cause, to much close with the put in scene, well calculated and faked.

Why he serves Hanoi? Was he been undergone the manipulation from Hanoi? Which are the promises that he obtained and concluded with Hanoi, between years 63-75... where he was so close with China and Hanoi? According to David P. Chandler, Hanoi seemed to grant the cordial confidence to Pol Pot. This secrecy remains total until now, however these mysteries could be to clear up if Pol Pot would have been jaded and questioned by the International Court. We supposed that Pol Pot has probably concluded an accord with Vietnam to change the Cambodia into the common stat the " Indochina". Besides, it was a lie and poisonous promise as suffered the leaders of the South Vietnam and others.

But all is doubtful, including the behaviour of the world of Human right. But which tries us to protect? Which is application of UNO in this crime by neglecting all? And after that, what one can still defend the value and the human right? If it is really the question, the International world has any more right to judge anybody, neither Hitler, nor Auschwitz and even less Milosevic. Why so much of hypocrisies? Why so much of injustices? It would be said that these people, known as correct and defendant of the human right, rather do not defence that of the interests and not the opposite! They are really ashamed!

Logically, Pol Pot has no much interest to serve Hanoi, neither on the religious level, nor on the ethnic level and even less on the relational level, because Vietnam and Cambodia was always " enemy hereditary " number one. And much of Cambodian knows the character crafty, dishonest underhand of the Vietnamese people. Because all the Vietnamese who came to Cambodia are only bad individuals, of which criminals, robbers of the tricks and I pass... The Cambodian and certain historians know why Vietnam government send enormously the bad individuals to Cambodia. This was always the strategy politics of the Vietnam to facilitate the absorption of Cambodia. It means that they want to cause the disorder in the Cambodian society to find the occasion to invade the Cambodia. During the regime of the Lon Nol, each time that one stops a delinquent or a saboteur, they were the Vietnamese. And the Khmers reject categorically this caricatured tricks and underground of Vietnamese. The Cambodians always thinks that Vietnamese people is a strange race graft in its blood and their flesh the cunning, the craftiness, the dishonestly, the treason, besides they never proved the opposite. Then why Pol Pot respected and received order from Vietnam.

In the crisis of the Cambodia the French has a main responsibility. The consequent is heavy. The French policy is incontestably destructive suicidal for Cambodia and Laos peoples. The shock of socioculturel was catastrophic for these people, which have behaviours and idealism too much different, and the weakest and the honest ones have paid the full price. But the responsible French pretended to see nothing and did not do anything for stopper this social haemorrhage; on the contrary they inserted the vintage more and more while placing the Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants in the tops of the Cambodian society. In the eyes of the colonizers, there is nothing else could count on than to makes and robe the money from these poor peoples. The successive crises in Cambodian result from the perverts consequent of the French policy, which continue, prolongs until now without any exit And what makes the French? Nothing, more they blame the Cambodians being responsible of their fate. It is immoral and inadmissible! Of which right can one rot the life of others at this point?

Khmers are generally the honest, simple people and little materialism. They are communautirism people, so they are not at all individualism and they like to live from day to day, without too concern of the following day. That is the opposite of the Chinese, the Vietnamese and Europeans. So, when the Chinese and Vietnamese immigrant came in mass in Cambodia because of the French colonial policy, the Khmers were lost before. France entrusted the commercial field to the Chinese and the administrative domain to the tricks Vietnamese. And the revolted and honest Khmers are stripped of all the rights. They are mistaken and regarded as inferiors and are stupid.

Apart from all the mistakes and critics which the world caricatured to the Khmers, remember that the Khmers had already built a powerful and a spiritual society with their way. A dignified and human society, so closed to perfection which no nation else in this world can does as much. But since the foreigners came to invade Cambodia and to want transformed, the Cambodia became unceasingly a hell. Remember that, the Khmer country is not your playground and the Khmer people have the right to live like you. It is not because they are different from you and from the Vietnamese whom you want to remove them.

The conflict of shock socioculturel in Cambodia is not registered as fatalist, but it is necessary to find the cause exact of this disease to be able to treat it correctly and effectively. If not, the massacre will continue without end until one or other will disappear. The tricks, the ambitious ones can however live with those, which are correct, but it is necessary to find a system political and social suitable and effective to protect and to make the justices to those who are the most fragile and weaker to avoid the inevitable one. Since the implementation of the French policy of design of Indo-China, the indigenous Khmers are stripped of all, they impoverished and exposition to any kind of bad intention of the incorrect people such as the Vietnamese and the others.

They were born, they are all human beings. They have also the right to live as you and me! Returns Justice to those which one owes and not opposite! The problems which are invisible with the eyes, it is necessary sees it with the heart and the observation. Since centuries and centuries, the wise have established the order of spiritual and moral to overcome the human society, it is not wise to boulevard and scorn this low if we don't want to leave to next generation an anarchistic and immoral world where demure all the terrify horrors of the world!

Looked at them, these few peoples can destroy the lives of a whole country

Pol Pot (Saloth Sar), sino-khmer, ex-associate of Yuon Hanoi, 3 million dead among the civil innocent. Manipulated or misled, he will always the responsible of the genocide on the Khmer people.

Hun Sen, current associated of Yuon Hanoi. It continues work of its Master Hanoi. In 23 years of the power, it transfoms Cambodia into a kingdom of misery and chaos. Deaths indirect are numerous. The total of the ministries are froze, especially in the ministry of education and the culture.
Ta Mok. A manipulated and abandoned animal of Youn Hanoi. He is categorieof Chea Sim or Hun Sen etc..Them, they kill for the pleasure of killing and knows nothing why they kill. But they remain as the criminal forever.

Those, they kill the human beings as butcher kill his animal. They are criminals without goal and been manipulated, but they remain always criminals. They, they kill only for the pleasure of killing without benefice anything else and dead in its turn, without anything to understand. But what we do with the one who manipulate and organize this crime! Remember the parasite and the micros are dangerous and mortal for the beings human, one never sees them with the eyes, they are invisible, but they are there and they remain dangerous!!!

Those who kill without conscience and those who plans the crime to get benefit from, there are many in Cambodia. If the world does not move, this kind of drama or even more consequent will reproduce and will still reproduce and is the innocents who become victims of this crime.

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