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Pol Pot and his Microbs

Posted By: Apsara Angkor (
Date: Tuesday, 1 April 2003, at 1:37 a.m.

Subject: Pol-Pot and his microbes !!!!!
From Mtes, Tum
Newsgroups: soc.culture.cambodia Organization Date: Dec 11 2002 23:51:26

Sida or Polpot and his microbes !!!!!

The HIV, the virus responsible of the AIDS was discovered in 1983 by the equip virologists of ' Institute Pasteur (Paris), directed by professor Luc Montagnier. Classified in the group of trovirus and the sub-group of the lentivirus, the virus of the AIDS possess a material genetic made up of ARN (Acide Ribo Nucléique). The structure of its inheritance genetic is different from those of the majority of trovirus. Though, in plus of the genes with structure common to the other trovirus (gag, pol. and env), HIV possess another 6 others genes (tat, rev, nave, pvu, vpr and sharp),whose roles as the regulator. . . . .

Syndrome immunodeficiency acquired (AIDS), advanced stage the most serious of this infection, characterised by the deficient of the immunizing system, which facilitates the infections by different germs and the appearance of certain cancers. It appears primarily the infections which are known as opportunist or current but which can not harm the normal healthy subjects whose immunity is normal.

The AIDS is a serious transmissible infection attacks primary the natural defend system (the immunizing system), which protect the human organization from all kind the infectious aggressions micro-organisms as bacterium, mushrooms or parasites).Normally the immunizing system functions grace of the contest of white globules specialized: lymphocytes.

HIV is considered by the searchers as a most malignant virus which can dissimilate invisibly in the heart of the blood system (due to its tiny size), by using the most vital monitor lymphocyte CD4 as its content (vehicle, reservoir) to circulate in the heart of the blood system. Dr. Klatzman shown that the HIV attack at first the lymphocytes CD4, killed them and used them as its instruments in its progressing processing. The HIV can infect the macrophages, white globules which alert T4 if there're any present of foreign body. Alteration of the natural functions of immunizing defend finishes by the development several serious clinical syndrome. The latest stage of the AIDS itself, declared by the major form of the immunizing deficient. The massacre of the very heart of the defend system and using/confusing its own enemies as tools to kill thier own kind is a very malignant, dramatic method of HIV

Like all the viruses, the HIV is a parasite. It can only reproduce within its host cell that this last one had killed/destroyed. To penetrate to cytoplasm, the virus HIV fix itself the lymphocyte CD4. The ARN viral, material genetic of the HIV, transcribed in ADN proviral grace of the specific enzyme; the inverse transcriptase. The ADN pro viral reaches nucleus cell colonized where it integrate its chromosomes and product thousands copies of ARN viral, of which the ARN messengers syntheses the viral proteins, which, after the meticulous assembly, will constitute the complete virus (HIV) The latter acquired all its faculties infectious grace of the action of an enzyme, protease, which active by acting on one protein of the viral hull.

Khmer history repeated and shown that, Yuon and HIVare not different. Both use the same disaster and wily system to kill other, to survive, reproduce and spread its specimen which is truly malignant and disaster for human kind. In Cambodia, Yuon had adopted/used HIV system to the image of Ang Chov then PolPot and his microbes to actual Yuon’s tool CPP. We wonder why a pretender Khmer nationalist as Polpot went to get Youn's HIV in his body and then want to reach it out. Who can get of HIV one they are contaminated by this last one till now and then? However the effort of Pol Pot that tried to get reach from Yuon's HIV finished by cause his fall in 1979 to replace by another Yuon’s tool, the CPP.

According to Davide Chandler, PolPot did not had the total control of Cambodia during his reign and we could understand why! The victor of Pol Pot in 1975 was not different from the one of CPP in 1979, earned by Yuon's force, not Khmer. Whatever the reason, Pol Pot and his clan can be at any case, disculpable from what happened in that period. Manipulated/used or else Polpot and his clan must be condemned for what happened in that period !

In the dark, people can confuse a piece of the insignificant glass with the diamond ..... The different between other real Khmer Nationalists and PolPot is, they love and bind to Khmer and do their bests to preserve and defend Khmer's interest, human or material while Polpot killed and destroyed all what is bound to Khmer Nation. This is nothing Khmer but a long YOUN'S WILL ONLY. . . . . Then why Pol Pot served Yuon’s interest ?

According to some searchers/scientists, the real tragedy of the human's immunity after being contaminated by the HIV virus is, being kill by its own kind, liver and pancreas enzymes, the responsible of the red blood cell reproduction . . . . . In fact, enzymes detected the disorder in milliards of red blood cell that being contaminated by HIV so they destroy/kill and kill till all the system become weak and fragile. Same thing happened in any society that contaminated/dominated by Yuon as in Pol Pot time and now...... (Mtes Tum)

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