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The Parasite
Posted By: Apsara Angkor (
Date: Tuesday, 1 April 2003, at 1:39 a.m.

Subject: Parasites!!!!!!
From Mtes Tum
Newsgroups: soc.culture.cambodia Organization: Date: Dec 11 2002 11:31:46

Khmer humanity is contaminated by Youns’s Hiv ……

Parasitic Parasite; living organism lives on or in another alive being/substance and depend totally on this last. The parasite suck/absorb/deduct its total nutriments from the organization of which its stick in/on and gives nothing in return but harms. With opposite of symbiosis and commensalism, this life mode parasitism is harmful for all alive being/substance that the parasite stick in/on. The only substances that can fight against these organizations are antibactrians. The parasites belong to the quasi total of alive being like: virus, rickettsies, bacterium, plants, mushrooms or animals. Though, any alive being can be victim of the parasite.

Parasite is divided into two important categories: external parasites(ectoparasitic) and internal parasite(endoparasites). Both are harmful for all living that its stick in/on. It can provoke all kind of disorders, abnormalities and chao. . . One parasite sticks in, the living substance will never be the same again!!!! It is too long to descript all the harmful troubles that the parasite can cause to human and all living substance that parasite stick in/on here, let talk only about tape worm (les Ténias), a form of internal animal parasite ...

Of all animal parasite, tape worm is the most terrify and harmful internal animal parasite. Its hooks/stick inside the human/ living's intestine and suck all the nutriments that their victim eat, blood/nutrition. The victim of the parasite can eat whether they want but they will never get any weight. With time, the victims of the parasite will be become more and more weak and frail day after day which let to other disaster attack. More worrying, during its ciruit period, tape worm cyst/segment can reach the brain of its victimand stick in this last one which can provoke, epilepsy or convulsion. It's possible to treat this parasite with a kind of medicament (vermifuges) yet nothing is not guarantee. Tape worm got the terrible hooks on its head and can hook/stick firmly to the wall of the intestine. With a strong forcing treatment the tape worm cut off some parts of its body (segment) out and the rest of its part can continue to live and reproduct inside the host.

The misfortune of Khmer Nation is not different from the story of parasite and the its host. The first savage and massive Viets and China immigrants were been taken into Cambodia during French protectorate. Then begin slowly and surely; the horrible walk to the killing field which make Cambodia Yuon's paradise.

Since its foundation, Cambodia is always a paradise of multi ethnics and cultures. Khmer people are opened mind and easily accept any human kind as ever any human kind can do which make the symbiosis a wonderful human adventure to the image of Angkor civilisation, a syntheses of the multi cultures et ethnics. But with Yuon, things are different. Viets don't come to Cambodia to integrate with Cambodians into a human society but as invaders, as parasite. They destroy Cambodia, Cambodians, provoke all kind disaster disorder/chaos to live and product its kind only. They try to create a new specimen, a new generation of horrible specimen to the image of Pol Pot/killing field and actual Cambodian society yet the process is not yet reach its late phase. Such desolating human tragedy had already happened in Champa (Actual central Vietnam) and in Kampuchea Krom under Yuon/viet control and influence.

In Champa, not least than 80-90%% of Champa's people were atrociously massacred one after other by the Vietnamese. An inhuman killing/torture to the image of the American soldiers massacred by Viet’s method. Those who can fugue Viet’s atrocious crime took refuge in Cambodia. After XVII, Vietnamese began to threaten on Khmers of Kampuchea Krom (Chochinchina or former Founan territory, actual South Vietnam) began then, another horrible human tragedy on Khmers. All those period, many thousands and may be millions of Khmer Krom were savagely and silently massacred by Vietnamese and now the same blasted human scourge reach Cambodia, the Yuons/Viets!!!!! (Mtes Tum)

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