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Genetic In fluence !!!
Posted By: Apsara Angkor (
Date: Tuesday, 1 April 2003, at 1:41 a.m.

Subject: Genetic Influence !!!
From: (Mtes Tum) Newsgroups:
soc.culture.cambodia Organization: Date: Dec 16 2002 20:23:27

Genetic Influence !!!

Genetic, study of the transmission of genes of the parents to their descent, expression, way to thinking, physical appearance, biochemical or characteristics and sometimes behavioural data. The genetic term was invented, in 1906, by the British biologist William Bateson. The geneticists determine the mechanisms and the laws of hereditary transmission by which the descendants obtained by sexual reproduction resemble, more or less, with their parents. The genetics also studies the frequency of genes and their associations in the biological populations. Actual a recent study of Genetic and psychology give another aspect of biogenetic. According to some scientist & patrician, genes play a primordial life role of one determined individual even after 10 generations.

Many diseases were, so, transmit from one generation to other this way. You may have some kind of heart failure, migraine or high B/P, epilepsy ...etc... because one of your grand, grand and grand parent/ancestors got it. Yet, this is not the only power/influence that possess the gene of our ancestors. Genes can also influence on the way one think. You may become depressive, irritated, bad humour, always sick with no real cause, though, even modern medical can't either help you. In Asia we used to call it, the angry of the spirit, ancestor or else. To heal these disorders people often go to see Guru (Kru) to help them.

The former Western has had the same practice. They had the same kind of witchcraft practicing which is not much different from other people around the world. Even the revolution against witch of XIV_XVIII centuries, has massively executed the majority witch in the most atrocious condition, burning, picked the wood in the chest etc . . . yet actually, many are the sorceress practicing a mix witchcraft of astrology and clairvoyance with a big dose of psychology and tricks. They are, general, swindlers. Therefore, recently, there exists another form of treatment for this ancestor trouble called "Genetic-Psychotherapy", a mixture of psychological and genetic process. The method is the same as in psychology. The therapist will try to bring the patients back in their hidden and beyond memory/origin through historical and hypnoses process to search for the source/cause of the trouble. Then together the therapist and the patient will try to treat the sickness through genetic source/cause. Though, many incurable disease can be cured by this method. It seems that the method is very efficient, best for mental and spiritual standards.

According to a rapport declared by a TV chain, 9/10 of French are the descendants of Charlemagne. So, if you get back to your beyond source, you may be cousin of some of your neighbour or may be your enemy. What about Cambodians then. Though, if we get back some time in the latest of 500 years, we can state that actual Cambodians are quite different from those of Angkorians period on mentality plan as well as on intellectual plan. So then, the theory of genetic influent should be totally wrong. May be . . . . ?

But if we ding a bit more further in Khmer history of these last 500 yrs, we may state that the masse of Cambodia population of these last centuries had completely changed. From Ist (may be before) and this till the end of XII th, the population of Asia south East is composed; a party of Indo_aryen (Khâms of Cachemire/Mundas so kratra, brahmas, hermit's couch) others were Austro-Asian (Austroloïds), Melanesians, Indonesians (malayo-polynesian) and Môn. The cohabitation of those former Cambodia's habitants known a culminated progression, an apogee of a civilisation, a wonderful human adventure. But from XIV centuries and this till now, Cambodia were invaded by another group of population's couch, though, mongoloid (principally Chinese, who are the former of actual Thais and Vietnamese)

In 1352 Angkor was sacked by the T'ai/Thai of Yunan (Chinese inhabitant). In 1420 the t'ais sacked Khmer city one more time, then again in 1430. The plunders repeated again and again and again until now. . . . It rested only a desolation views after each plunder, patrimony pillaged, population massacred, city Angkor, the cradle of Khmer's Nation was destroyed and humiliated forever by the t'ais. How a Nation could stand up after centuries and centuries of endless plunders and massacres? Yet, T'ais were/are not the only robbers of Khmer Nation and People but there were/are another horrible and frightening robbers/criminals, the Dai Co Viet/Yuon. Dai Co Viets, looked jealously at the Siam. The kingdom of Dai co Viet (actual Vietnamese) is primitively composed of four Chinese's provinces so Guangxi, Guangdong, Tonkin and modern Annam (close to actual China bordering)

In 939 people of Dai Co Viet whose kingdom was only a simple vassal of Chinese, benefiting the fall of the Chinese's empire to proclaim its quasi-independence from the China. Yuon began gradually absorb the powerful indianized-kingdom which was Champa (actual Vietnam central) as the suckers suck the blood of a human till this one die.

The conflict between Viets (Youn) and Khmer began at least in the reign of king Suryavarman II, XII° century, but at that period Viets was in defensive position and yet already showed its pitiless tricky nature/skill. The "Parasite Method" and other "Divide to Control" were/are the famous terrible Vietnamese's instrument/method. With Vietnamese method, you will always see people died with all kind of terrible and desolating human tragedies, the corpses everywhere, the horrible view of human dram but never murderers, Never Yuons. This's how the population of Champa then Khmer of Cochinchina were reduced into few Viet minorities and the disaster insulting human scourge continues its way toward West . . . . In XVII, a Khmer king named king Chey Chetha II married with a Vietnamese female (Yeay Chov) and have imported important masse of Vietnamese in Cambodia to contaminated Khmer human patrimony till now. Since that time and specially in these last 50 yrs, the majority of Khmer high rank were/are all Vietnamese or at last mark/bear Viet's genes. The blasted scourge is fell on Khmer from that day, lots of Khmers are contaminated by Yuons. Yuon and specially Yuon's females are skilful in manipulating human kind weakness, whether the averages, to reach their evilness. It was in 1658 that the Vietnamese put their foots for the first time on Cochinchin/Kampuchea Krom (actual south Vietnam) and never left then. As in Champa, Yuons had sinlently and gradually reduce Khmer influence, human and culture patrimony to make Khmer land Yuon's paradise. At the end of XIX century, French come in Asia and occupied the region, especially Khmer, Laos and Vets, marked so, another bouleversement in the composition of Khmer population and human tragedy.

At the end of XIX a first census established by French gave a first catastrophic estimation of Cambodia inhabitation which, through their estimation, Cambodia inhabitation didn't not passed over one million heads. This estimation showed specially the dramatic crisis/perturbations of Cambodia of the period, exhausting of Khmer, human and material . . . Worrying of its own interest and none of Khmer's ruin, French had entered in mass the migrant of Chinese running from Maos oppression and other Yuons/Viets which presented more important than the native people themselves. Though, French placed Vietnamese in the head of all Khmer's administrations and the Chinese in commerce, so Khmer's people was up with empty hand, private all right and all privileges in their own country, where in plus, they have to pay a heavy/over tax for French. Those who can't pay the tax imposed by French, will be imprisoned or simple killed, even a simple peasant. This is how the nightmare/drama of Khmer's people began. This unbalance/inherent human source created countless instability, so ideological and mental conflict inside so the Khmer society by the new comer; a savage culture/mental shocked which bascule Cambodia into a endless terrify human tragedy till now. This instability entrained unless into civil war, often provoke by those who looking for Khmer miserable situation to complete eliminated Khmer's Nation, a long wish of their ancestors since many centuries ago, so as what happened in Pol Pot time until now. . . . .

This is what called "Genetic contamination" which make Cambodia for what it is to day. If Viets is a good race, as they want/pretend to be, their country will be a better place to live and their species will not become parasites, killers or else so then Cambodia may look better than what it is today under their domination/influence!!!!

Parasite can only survive by fixing themselves to other bodies and sucking directly nutrition/blood from the bodies that they lodge in till they grow up then kill that host. But unfortunately, as parasites, they don't conscious that while kill the hosts that loge and feed them they will die at the same except they are the bacterium/parasite really resistant. Human must behave differently from Parasites, care and improve the host they host in. . . If the new generation of Cambodians continue to behave as Parasite, they will get kill too, more or less as what happened in Pol Pot's time. Indeed, Pol Pot and Vietnamese government have evacuated many thousands of Vietnamese to Vietnam while they killing Khmer yet some of Viets were also killed by some isolated group of Khmer rouge.. . !!!

Most important, Gene is the factor that difference one individual from other. Other way to say, Gene determines who you are, a conscious or an unconscious human. "Mtes Tum"

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