Ideological Conflict, Endless Human Tragedy in Cambodia
Indianosize and Sinosized, ....... then Capitalism and Communsim. Others have used it as Genocide Machine..., who suffer
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"Shock civilisation"
Shock civilisation/Value between Khmer's old value and the NEW one, "The Yuons/Sino-Yuon/Sinosite"

Old Khmer Value

Like the Darkness and Beauty, the Crime and Mercy, the Heaven and Hell, the shocked culture and mentality between the old Khmer value and the New one in Cambodia made more Crime and Atrociousness than anywhere else in the world.

The New ONE
New Era, Yuon's Era, ALL KIND of human tragedies, War, Crime, Genocide, Manipulation, Corruption, Culture Immunity, Stupid Arrogant cruel species = Anti Khmers, Anti Khmer Ethic/Culture

Real face of the killing field. Interesting opinions about theKilling field found in other Khmer's website : April 17 1975, reasons and causes of the genocide in Cambodia | Sihanouk's crime in French - in Khmer | Vietnamese behind the killling | Profile and Mobile of Pol Pot | Brother number one | Who is Angkaleu1 | Who is Angkaleu2 | Who is Angkaleu3 | Who is Angkaleu 4 | Who is Angkaleu5 | Who is Angkaleu6 | Who is Angkaleu7 | Who is Angkaleu8 | Hanoi Cheming | Viet secret Agent | Khmer rouge and Vietnamese communist I | Khmer rouge and Vietnamese communis II | Pol Pot's confession | Viet confession | Killing continues K5 | Khmer Sandich between Viet and the Tai | Vietnamese + Khmer Rouge=Butchers | Viet leaders have committed too much crime | Who is Ho Chi Min? | Soviet + Vietnam = Double Murderous communists I | Soviet + Vietnam = Double Murderous communists II | Parasites | Pol-Pot and his microbe | Genetic Influence | Genocide rubric by Amekhmer | Update Jan-Fev 2005
Exploitation of child and mental manipulation in Cambodia, a most ignob tragedy human!
Prisonier of Tuol sleng. How piltiful look!
The undefendable lambs in the claw of the most atrious predators.

If there was no such Viet's evil ambition of becomening the master of Indochina by provoking war, crime manipulation, GENOCIDE against other people in the region, those peoples may still alive till today!
Exploit human tragedy, Ngor and others!!!!
Who are Nhor and Dith Pran, thos two Sino-Yuon agents?
How many Khmer childs who were captured and imprisoned in many Viet's camps in the year of 50-60-70 to brainwashed them, teach them killing then send them back in Cambodia to kill their own brothers, sisters as Khmer rouge, Khmer Vietminh, Khmer Isarak ....etc.. How the world can be so indifferent, apathetic to such evil and inhuman practice !!!!!!
The film "Killing Filed" sounds to be more Viet and communist propaganda than anything elses!!!! In his book "Une Odyssée cambodgienne" Nhor had violently opposed to the parole of Pol Pot, accusing Viets of atrociousness againt humanity "Hitler tuait les juifs et ceux qui s'opposaient à lui. Le Viêt-nam tue ceux qui s'opposent à lui, et des innocents qui ne veulent pas se joindre à lui". (Pol Pot)
Exploit human tragedy, Ngor and others. What's going on in their heads? Victims or Politics/Interests!!! There're alway the stupids and grasping who beleive in lie and in cinema instead of searching truth. Those people consent with the criminels for so little...
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